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10 From GEM: Mother’s Day Edition: 10 Easy Brunches Mom Will Devour

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10 From GEM:
Mother’s Day Edition:
10 Easy Brunches Mom Will Devour


Mother’s Day.  This will be my fourth Mother’s Day with my toddler, and I gotta tell you; she needs some help!  If she’s going to do the “breakfast in bed” thing, it’s gotta be pretty easy because Mommy hasn’t taught her how to cook yet!  (She can crack a mean egg though.)  Here are a few of the yummy, easy recipes that I am looking forward to teaching her.  Who knows?  She may just be ready to get cooking next year.

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“Egg Cellent” Taco Brunch


This Mr. Food recipe is so simple, but you get such a great pay off.  It calls for you making eggs instead of meat for the taco and the rest you just put together.  Egg-celente!

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Cheddar Grits Soufflé

Kate Mathis

Photo Credit: Kate Mathis

 This grits recipe is a fancy twist on a classic.  Mom will definitely appreciate the effort of this savory dish.


Apple-Cheese Danish


Photo Credit: Kana Okada

This Country Living recipe uses puff pastry that you get at the grocery store.  Score!  So you get a very light and flaky pastry with phenomenal flavor, all the credit, and not too much work.

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Eggs In A Bread Bowl


Oh, yeah.  These eggs in bread bowls are just that.  Buy a few dinner rolls and you have a tasty brunch treat for mom.  Bonus: If she’s a “dipper” and likes some extra bread, you can toast the scooped out portion and serve it on the side.

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Brunch Quesadillas


So basically brunch is a great way to make eggs fancy, right?  Oh, and tasty eggs!  This quesadilla recipe gets its flavor from the grilled New York strips!  That’s right.  If your mom loves a heartier meal she is gonna love this. If she has a griller in the family she’s going to love how you mixed your passion with her new favorite breakfast.  Yum!

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Sausage Strudel Bites


This whole post is making me hungry!  This super easy recipe for essentially breakfast pigs in a blanket sounds great.  The pastry being so light and fluffy (not only is it, too, store bought, but the same pastry you use for the danishes above) gives a more elegant feel to the super easy sausage strudel  dish, and mom will appreciate the effort.  Pair it with the cheesy grit souffle and you are Mother’s Day gold (not that you weren’t already).

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Bacon Soufflé


So we have NY strip, sausage and now bacon?  Oh, these are my kind of brunch recipes.  This bacon soufflé offers a cheat as well.  There’s bread in it.  That gives it lift.  And with bacon you are getting a whole lot of flavor.

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Crab Eggs Benedict


Yes, the recipe  is marked “easy”.  I’ve never been a fan of hollandaise (actually never had it..I just don’t like untried sauces), but I’m a HUGE fan of crab meat which makes this crab eggs benedict recipe one to try.  You can always have the sauce on the side, and trust me.  Something so beautiful is a gift in and of itself.  (No, I am not guaranteeing you will make it picture perfect.)

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Strawberry Champagne Punch


I don’t want any of your mothers coming to me saying I put together a list of brunch treats and didn’t include a bit o’ de bubbly!  Strawberry champagne punch is the perfect accompaniment to all of the dishes above and, of course, as it’s own little gift to mom.

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Mimosa Sorbet


The beauty part about this mimosa sorbet is there are only two simple ingredients.  Sorbet and champagne.  The recipe calls for making your own orange sorbet, but come on; this is Good Enough Mother.  Spend that time with mom and have an extra drink or two.  Or get mom involved and have a good long chat while the two of you are waiting for the sorbet to set.  Either way I hope you enjoy this day with mom.

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So those are some ideas that actually had me cooking while writing this post.  I’m eyeing that crab eggs benedict and a strawberry champagne punch.  Whatever you decide to make for mom she will know it comes from the heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the GEMs out there.  What do you plan on making mom for brunch?  Or do you happen to have reservations about cooking and made reservations at her favorite brunch location.

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