In order for the pictures to make any sense whatsoever, I must fill you in on the natural order in our house. My husband knew it when he married me, the kids learned it quickly upon making their way into the world and I figured it out after burning cake after mini-cake in my Easy Bake Oven, the first of many appliances to lie to me.

But let me tell you about the day my son made breakfast for me…


I am not a cook. Nope, not even a little bit. I’m not good at it, I don’t like to do it and on more than one occasion what I have attempted came out looking like this, which began as my attempt to make quinoa in the microwave. I’m such a novice in the kitchen I didn’t realize you’re not supposed to microwave plastic, unless it’s labeled “microwave safe” and even then, I’m fairly certain you’re not supposed to cook it until it looks like this. Just a guess though.

As I said Casey and Cole have known, I actually think instinctively that their mom was a crappy cook. It’s so bad these poor children of mine live in fear that their father’s business will take him out of town.


“Oh don’t be silly. Somehow I managed to make it through 31 years before dad and I married. I think I can manage.”

Now would be an opportune time for you to look at the above picture again. Not only is the food burned, the container is too (who DOES that?). It is also an image seared into the minds of my children who, like wolves in the wild, have  learned to fend for themselves.

Over the summer, Cole decided he was going to share some of what he learned by making me breakfast and given my love-hate relationship with the kitchen, I was happy to be his guinea pig.


I knew I was in for a treat, a note, signed by my son, Cole. I guess he figured I might not remember his name or think I  might confuse him my other son.  For the record, there is no other one. Accompanying the note, this..


That’s right, six shrimp (over) cooked to perfection. Yum! This was the appetizer and perhaps a tad early for shrimp on a skewer. But it was followed by more traditional breakfast fare.


The anticipation was intense. My heart was beating, my mouth watering. What was it?


My boy made me waffles! That’s right.. shrimp and waffles for breakfast.  The meal was perfect in every way. From the shrimp that were  (over) cooked to perfection to the carbs covered in liquid sugar. But the choice of beverage was the icing on an already lovely cake. Let’s eat! Waffles and THIS for breakfast……


Um, okay, I wasn’t exactly sure what to say about the pairing of carbs with Cabernet at 7:46 am so I just said, “Thank you, son.”  Because it really the food but the feeling behind it that made this meal so special and I ate every bit of it, including a couple of sips of the wine.

His culinary skills have improved a bit over the last year, but I’ll never forget this meal.

What was the first meal your kids ever cooked for you?

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