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MD Complete-Dark Spot Corrector


Hey Y’all.. 

Got a product I tried recently that I want to tell you about. Well, I didn’t actually try it; my daughter Casey did and it’s nothing short of amazing!

Okay a little backstory; while neither Casey not I had bad acne as teens, it was bad enough. Bad enough to leave scars and dark spots on our otherwise, even completions. 

To be honest, I think it was even more difficult for Casey because her skin is lighter. 

So one day she decided to get serious. She stopped picking her skin (OMG STOP PICKING!) and went on the hunt through the cosmetic treasure trove that is in my bathroom.

There, she found something that I had acquired along the way; a whole bunch of products from a skincare line called MD Complete. To be honest, I’m  not even sure how I got them but that’s not surprising; I get quite a few companies wanting me to try their products. 

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Casey found the MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector in my stash and unbeknownst to me, snagged it and began using. 

Below is a picture of when she first started using MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector.


March 2016


Casey began using it per the instructions this time last year. After 3 months of consistently using the product, Casey said it was clear (no pun intended) that it was helping. Her dark spots were diminishing. 

And now? Well, here she is after a year of using MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector.


(March 2017)

So you can see MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector did WONDERS for Casey’s skin!

And if I could take a moment to say, her clearing skin also seems to have done wonders for her self-esteem too. She’s not self-conscious of the spots that she used to have to cover with heavy make-up. Now, she is fresh-faced and, like her peers, runs around with little to no make-up most days. As her mother (and someone who has also dealt with troubling dark spots) the self-esteem boost that MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector provided was and is invaluable. 

Here’s another look, this time side by side. The photos are a year apart but Casey says she saw improvement shortly after she began using. 

Left: March 2016
Right, March 2017

Left: March 2016
Right, March 2017

So MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector gets the Good Enough Mother Seal of Approval.  And Good Enough daughter too!

Have you ever deal with dark spots on your skin? If you are struggling with that now, I would totally recommend trying MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector.

Oh and here’s my disclosure; this is not a paid campaign.. We just really like what the product did for us!