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Mother’s Day Is Coming: Here’s Some Great Gift Ideas


This new life of mine is quite baffling at times!

As you know, most days I don jeans and a sweatshirt and walk the three steps into Good Enough Mother World Headquarters  (aka the closet) to do my writing and podcasts for the day.

So last night was a lovely treat for me. I was invited by the Accessories Council to take part in a Mother’s Day event (also streamed online) where the group unveiled their top picks for moms. The Accessories Council is a not-for profit organization that raises awareness among consumers about accessories. You may be scratching your head thinking, “Huh? Accessories?” Truth be told I was the same way until I started working with a stylist on that morning show all those years ago.  She taught me that if your outfit is a painting, then the accessories are the more subtle colors; they give depth and texture. Get it?

Now rolling up into the hip Manhattan warehouse where the event was I was reminded of my theory on life, which is that we never really get out of high school. This is very bad for someone like me who was then and remains to this day, a class A dork.  So there I am in my $20 dress from TJ Maxx, my daughter’s tights from Kohl’s and old, beat-up leather boots in desperate need of a shine!

Most everyone else was using his or her sleek iPhones or iPads to record the fabulousness but not me. This tragically unhip dork brought Casey’s laptop so I could tweet the event since mine is in the shop. Yes, Casey’s PINK laptop, complete with hearts, stickers, and other assorted drawings on the case. But I’ll live with my shame if it means I can bring you some great gift ideas for your own moms on their big day… here’s what I found:

FOR THE SPORTY MOM: This is totally how I see myself. Fact is I want to look put together but expend minimal effort doing it. So for this mom there’s this great tote from Nine West.  Fashionable, durable and my favorite part, BIG! Comes with a smaller pouch for make-up, which I would totally use as clutch for a night on the town.

Nine West bag

FOR THE STYLISH MOM: For this mom, fashion forward sunglasses by Michael Kors. Two things I loved about these: They’re lightweight with a graduated tint which means you can go inside from outdoors without tripping on yourself and totally blowing any cool points you may have accumulated. The other thing is I saw these on several people last night with all different face shapes and they looked great on everyone.

Michael Kors Glasses

FOR THE SENTIMENTAL MOM: This is the kind of mom who still has every single piece of artwork you have created since you were six, including the little push pot with the pipe cleaner handle. For her, I saw a great gift from Wax Works Photo. You send in six pictures and they turn them into a wooden keepsake box, brushed with bee’s wax, transforming the photos into a beautiful work of art.  Learn more about the process here

FOR THE VACATION MOM: If your mom likes to vacation in sunny places this is the gift for her. I loved this hat by Callanan hats for Dorfman Pacific for a lot of reasons. Durable (are you sensing a theme here with me?), comes in several colors, the brim can be molded into any shape and it has an SPF of 50! That’s style and savings because I don’t care how you look at it, this is much cheaper than a facelift!

Callanan Hats

FOR THE CURLY HAIRED MOM: Well hello there! That’s DEFINITELY me! Anyone who’s been around here for more than a minute knows my hair story. What you may or may not know is that curly hair, or multi-textured hair as Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules calls it, requires products that won’t dry or otherwise stress the tresses. Enter Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream. It’s a no suds cleanser without harsh ingredients, which as you know are horrible for curly hair. Thick, rich and can be used daily. I love this stuff.

Hair Rules

Those are just a few of the great ideas for mom this Mother’s Day. You can go to the Accessories Council Website for a rundown of all the others. Flowers are nice, but this year, let’s put a little time and effort into the woman who did the same for you. Again, and again and again.

Moms, which would you like to have on your special day? What was the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received? Start commenting everyone!

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