(How to enter and prizes listed below and man, are they good!)

Guess what, everyone? We’re getting ready to have another Twitter party with our friends over at BuyDig.com and we’ve got some fantastic prizes to hand out! This time we’re talking about Back to School.

Is it just me, or have those school supply lists gone off the deep end? They are so long these days and have so many specific requirements too, jump drives, scientific calculators and such! What happened to a pen, paper, and ruler? It’s about enough to drive us Good Enough Mothers mad, right?!  Well, this is where we’ve got you covered. Thanks to BuyDig.com we are giving away an HP color printer, a Cuisinart coffee maker, and much, much more! Our grand prize for the evening is an Android Tablet! You will not want to miss it!

We want to hear from you about how you get it all done (without breaking the bank) before putting your kiddos on the bus that first day of school.  But before we start talking shop, we want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the twitter/tweetgrid twazieness (that’s twitter speak for craziness) so we’ve added a cocktail hour. So, grab yourself a glass of wine and come join us early for some fun festivities before the official party gets started!

WHEN: Wednesday, August 15th – 8:30PM EST for cocktail hour/tutorial, 9PM for the party

WHERE: You can party at Twitter or at TweetGrid.  We suggest the TweetGrid approach. You can click here for a little tutorial we put together for the last BuyDig.com party. Still confused? Well, just make sure you are following @goodenufmother @ellalaverne and @jjzmgailey at 8:30 EST on August 15th. We’ll get you through it.

HOW TO MANUALLY SET UP YOUR TWEETGRID:  Start by clicking here. Once you are on the Tweetgrid site, click on ‘Party’ (it’s the furthest button on the right) and you’ll get a ‘Twitter Party Setup’ pop-up box. In the top box where it says ‘hashtag’, put in “BackToSchoolBuyDig” and tab down to the next box. This is where you’ll list the party hosts (@goodenufmother, @buydig, @jjzmgailey, @ellalaverne – you can cut and paste those names in that format right into the box). Lastly, put in your twitter handle so you can see who is speaking directly to you and click ‘Join the Party’! This next step is where it gets a little tricky. Your personalized Tweetgrid will pop up. See where it says ‘Tweet’? Okay, right below there, you’ll see a blue login box. Click that first and put in your twitter credentials. See how the hashtag is already there for you so you don’t have to type it out each time? The character countdown of 140 characters includes that hashtag too. You’re now officially ready to party!

Now just one more little thing before we wrap it up. Since we need to get all of the placecards written out and the seating chart in order, please RSVP and let us know that you’ll be attending. We’ll be having a separate drawing with everyone who RSVP’d, so if want to win, you better go now. Go on.. what are you waiting for?

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See you next week!