Rene Syler is a nationally recognized media personality and public speaker. She’s a frequent guest contributor on CNN, BET and many TV shows including The Joy Behar Show. The Doctors, Wendy Williams, Mo’Nique and The Nate Berkus Show.

Rene also travels the country extensively speaking to groups and conferences about a whole range of issues. Some of her areas of expertise include:


Rene can discuss all aspects of parenting and how to use the Good Enough Mother philosophies in your own life and with your kids. If you’re struggling and feeling overwhelmed Rene has the answer. Don’t just survive; thrive!


As a former news anchor Rene has undergone a massive career change over the last few years, precipitated by a series of monumental life events. Rene will inspire women everywhere with her story of how she discovered her real life’s journey, changed course and found her voice – and how you can too!


As an ambassador for Komen for the Cure and someone who’s had a preventive mastectomy, Rene speaks extensively on breast cancer issues as part of her passion for women’s health.


Rene is a big advocate for natural hair and has been on an amazing hair journey herself over the years. Find out how she became a convert to going natural and what she learned in the process as she share her advice.



Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, 2011:


“She’s plugged in, just like the moms we host our event for…. She had no notes, just walked around on the stage sharing the lowest point in her life, the highest point, “She had them laughing and crying.”

–         Laura Spencer, Disney Social Media Manager to MORE magazine


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
20th Annual Awareness Day Luncheon
, 2012

“Rene truly shone inside and out as our event’s keynote speaker. Her positivity and honest demeanor resonated instantly with her audience as she shared her inspiring story, which sparked laughter, tears and everything in between. To say the least, Rene’s infectious, sparkling self immediately captured our hearts. She was a pleasure to work with leading up to, during and following the event, and I couldn’t have asked for a more refreshing experience from an event management standpoint. I consider Rene’s contribution to our event as a win-win: we not only pulled off a successful fundraiser, we also made great friends in the process.”

–          Sydney Nusbaum, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – BC/Yukon Region


“Rene has a very personal style that has her audience feeling comfortable very quickly. We can all relate to her stories about family; the challenges of raising children and the pride in their accomplishments. During the time that Rene spent with us I believe she forged some lasting relationships and I know our staff really enjoyed working with her, before, during and after her attendance at our event. That is a testament to Rene and her commitment to the work that she does.”

–          Wendy Slavin, CEO, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – BC/Yukon Region

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