California Dreamin’
with the All New QX60

What do you think of when you think of your childhood? For me being raised in Northern California a big part of my youth was the “California sound”, bands that were popular in my day. Shout out to Journey!

Every time I visit, I am thrust back to that sound and if I am anywhere near the Pacific ocean, the years seem to fall away.

Recently I had a chance to take that walk, or shall I say ”ride” back in time, courtesy the all new, 2022 Infiniti QX60.

I was part of a wave of journalists to drive this beauty in and around Napa Valley.  Let me stop for a second to remind you that I am a woman of a certain age (over 29!). I want style. I want luxury. I have worked hard in my life and want some glamour along with functionality and I don’t want it to look utilitarian.

The all new, 2022 Infiniti QX60 has all that and more!

Our weekend started with the vehicle parked front and center at the luxurious Alila Hotel, our home away from home.

We began with Infiniti Global Communications chief Wendy Orthman giving us the the lowdown on what went into this redesign. This vehicle has been totally redesigned with luxury, power and safety in mind, ready to tackle anything from the work commute and kid  drop-offs to date night!

Photo courtesy Infiniti

Prepping us for a weekend of luxury, we were given cool hats to get us in the mood for our Napa Valley adventure.

Photo courtesy Infiniti

The next morning I slid behind the wheel of my vehicle. Usually on these drives we have a drive partner but Infiniti, cognizant of COVID protocols, brought enough vehicles for us to drive alone which I chose to do.

With the theme of Conquer Life In Style, we set off to our three locations for the day;  Goat Rock Beach, McAvoy Ranch and  Donum Estate.

As I pulled out, I intentionally left off the Bose Audio System (with its 17 speakers!) for this leg of the trip because I wanted to really dial in all my senses; I was not disappointed. Of course one of the first things I noticed (and personal favorite) in the QX60 is the zero gravity seats and yes you have heard me rave about these before.  There is so much to love about this vehicle and it is a constant reminder that luxury, convenience and safety can coexist beautifully.

First stop was Goat Rock Beach at the mouth of the Russian River in Sonoma county for a little R & R.

And this my friends, what I felt here, is why the Pacific Ocean and California will always be a part of me. 

From Goat Rock Beach it was on to McAvoy Ranch, founded by newspaper heiress Nan McEvoy. Its 18,000 olive trees produce some of the world’s best organic extra virgin olive oil. 

And for the final stop, tea time at the Donum Estate, a sustainable farming/winery where the landscape is dotted with gorgeous works of art.

I had a wonderful weekend in Napa Valley driving the Infiniti QX60.. thanks to the folks who made that possible. 

Seats: Zero gravity seats for driver and passenger are designed to minimize fatigue on long drives. I must say these seats are among my favorite in the QX60. Now heated AND cooled, they also come with a massage feature. WHAT?!

Removable console between second and third row: If you’ve ever had an SUV (I have had a few) you know the 3rd row, while great for passengers can be a bit of a pain in the butt for those stuck back there. Not in the new QX60. Now you can remove the console between second and 3rd rows, making access easy peasy!

Haptics: Haptics refers to the kind of “feedback” you get when you press a touch screen and “feel” it, as if you were touching a button. It’s nice to feel that as opposed to a regular touchscreen.

There is so much I love about this vehicle and I don’t have the space to tell you all of it! However, you can beat feet over to and see for yourself.