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Guest Posting: How Will YOU Survive The Q4 Money Drain?

Hey everybody:

I’m happy to welcome another guest writer to the Good Enough Mother fold and boy, is she talking about some timely stuff. Worried about how to get from Halloween to Christmas with your wallet in one piece? Here are some ideas (and yes, Shelley is MUCH more organized than Good Enough Mother). And if you’d like to submit a guest posting for Good Enough Mother, click here and we’ll see what we can do!

Now that the summer break is over and back-to-school shopping is but a memory, how’s the health of your wallet? Hope it’s still good because now you have to run the financial gauntlet known as Q4. Halloween-Ch-ching! Thanksgiving. Ch-ching! Christmas. Ch-ch-ch-ching! Retailers with their enticing ads will take aim right at our cherubs, who, in turn, will take aim for the cash we worked so hard to save.

But don’t worry you can survive. As a work at home mom of three, for years I was struggling to make more money and find more time in my life. After many years of uncontrolled spending (I’m talking about me here, not the US economy) I have finally found a way to be in control. It’s really quite easy, no “secret” recipe here, you just need to plan ahead and be organized.

WRITE IT DOWN. IN ADVANCE! Most people just put dates on their calendars and then don’t start to panic until that day arrives. You know that Halloween is on 31st October each year so get your act together before then. Write it down a month in advance and with it, something of a mini-plan that includes details on party décor (are you hosting or going to a neighbors?) costumes (after taking stock of what you have) and treats. Write in detail, GEMs, DETAILS!

MAKE YOUR PLANS ACTIONABLE: Sounds good, right but what does this mean? Honestly, I could never quite grasp why such an avid list-maker as myself, still managed to fail miserably at things I had planned. See, it’s not enough to jot down “Party food” on your mini-plan; you need specifics.  “Halloween treats” is a vague statement. “Buy 4 packs of Halloween treats from Wal-Mart” is an actionable command and builds off the “details” point above.

BECOME A SAVVY SHOPPER: Most moms are savvy shoppers anyway since we’re the ones with a keen eye on the budget. But even if you’re good, you can still be better and one of the best ways to do that is by learning the ins and outs of shopping online. You can comparison shop online, search for coupon codes and have it all delivered right to your door, in some cases, with free shipping.  Think of the gas and headaches you’ll save!

FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! I have 3 kids, I am a work at home mom and therefore I NEED to be organized otherwise I become swamped by events and overwhelmed. I used to wait until the last minute before buying gifts. Not only was rushing out to buy a gift for a friend’s child inconvenient, but I’d often end up paying premium prices too. So you know what I do now? I shop AFTER Christmas. I buy a few “spare toy gifts” and usually qualify for free shipping too. Now, whenever my kids are invited to a friend’s party – I already have an assortment of gifts at home and they think I’m amazingly organized!

Trust me, this really ends up saving you lots of $$$$  and you’ll find you enjoy the end of year celebrations even more, knowing you have made some great savings too.

What about you? What’s your secret to surviving the fourth quarter of the year? How will you plan to keep the season Merry while not dipping into your retirement savings?

Shelley Kim is a work at home mom of three, amazing children and owner of, which is a website she put together after the birth of her second child. Knowing a lot more about fun toys for kids, toy safety and educational toys, makes her an expert when it comes to running this website, in her opinion! 


  1. Kathy

    October 26, 2011 at 10:38 am

    You have to have a talk with the children. It is no coincidence that there is an increase of toy commercials leading up to the holidays. As you are aware, kids want everything they see. I have two boys, aged 6 and 3. They want all the cool toys & electronic games they see. But one look at their toy chests (yes, I said chests) of toys, cars, action figures led my husband and I to throw down the gauntlet this year & say no to well-meaning aunts, uncles and grandparents. We would like them to get gifts of clothing instead. Of course, you can’t tell Grandma what to do; therefore, the two-toy apiece rule would have to apply, and these toys would have to be educational. My kids; however, seem to appreciate holiday cookies, crafts and trips to Winter celebrations, so we steer them towards that option.

  2. m.e. johnson

    October 26, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Don’t forget second-hand shops, Goodwill and such, especially for clothing (“Experienced Clothing” is one shop’s name). Gifts for adults such as vases, baskets, curios, etc. can be bought anytime and stored. Just don’t forget where you stored them, as I have done.

  3. Ella

    October 26, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    I’m already failing. Just spent $25 on a costume for my 18 month old daughter. Thankfully she has a few events so I feel the costume will be used to its full potential and that includes “princess shoes” that were on sale and she can use them for a while to dress up other outfits. 🙂 Great ideas and m.e. I actually don’t save money by doing this, but time. I buy birthday cards for people early if I happen across one that’s perfect for them.

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