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Here at Good Enough Mother we’re always on the lookout for distinctive voices and strong opinions – so if you fancy writing for us, we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be posting plenty of Guest Postings over the coming months so if you have an idea for a piece just fill in the form below and the Good Enough Mother team will get back to you!

Before you jump into action here’s a few guidelines of what we ARE and AREN’T looking for!

1) ORIGINALITY: Whatever topic you choose to write about please try and bring a fresh perspective to the subject. If you think Mad Men is sexist, feel sorry for Tiger Woods or think fast food should be heavily taxed – tell us why. We want pieces to provoke reactions – so be controversial and tell us what’s REALLY on your mind.

2) NEW INFORMATION: If you want to send us a Top Tips list or an advice piece please make sure the information you’re giving out is different to what’s currently out there. Be ingenious and surprising – don’t tell us to drink 8 glasses of water a day or that smoking around kids is bad for them! Tell us things we DON’T know…

3) LENGTH: Please aim for between 750 and 1,000 word per posting. Any less is just too short for us and will feel more like a comment than an opinion piece…

4) HEADLINES: A catchy headline (and subheading if you choose) is key. So make sure your title really sells the piece and will make people want to read more…

5) EDITING: When we receive your final posting we might have to tweak a few words or edit it a little – normally for clarity. Please be understanding!

6) BIO: When you send your final piece to the team please also send a short bio of who you are and your background / personal life. Feel free to link to your own blog site in your bio…

7) PHOTO: We also like to see who our Guest Posters are so we’ll also ask you to send a great pic of yourself (the higher the resolution the better). So please have one ready. And smile!

Unfortunately we’re unable to pay for pieces at this stage – but Good Enough Mother is a high profile blog site – so your piece will receive a lot of attention. And of course spread the word to all your family and friends and let them know you’re online when your piece is up!

Thanks everyone – can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!


Rene x


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  1. Carol Bockemehl

    January 29, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Rene, I think its a parents duty to teach the child to be resourceful, and that means learning how to clean room and cook and even sew on a button and hem a skirt or pants…..all of this can be done at an early age where you can make it fun and not yell.Also its the childs duty to be taught to understand that everyone in the family contributes to the home. MaryKay Ash said it perfectly,,,,God first, Family second,,, work Third…and in that order!!!!!! lol

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