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Good Enough Mother is having a bit of a disconnect.

You see while I want my kids to go to school, get a good education and a great job (so they can take care of me and their father in our old age) I sometimes wonder how to counter the messages they see on TV. You know – reality stars making millions of dollars for doing nothing except elevating bad behavior to an art form.
You see today it was revealed today that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, star of Jersey Shore, is on target to make five million dollars this year. Not one million, not two and a half million, FIVE MILLION dollars.
That’ll certainly buy a lot of hair gel and quarters for the laundromat but what sort of message is reality TV sending to our children?

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Have you ever wanted to just give up? You know, forget your dreams because they are too hard to attain? Maybe you have already done that?

Good Enough Mother knows that feeling too. In fact not too long ago, I was struggling with the very same issues, compounded by words of doubt by well-meaning friends.

But after a little wobble, I am back on track and better than ever, buoyed by the support of women like me who understand that your dreams don’t have to end just become you’ve become a wife / mother / are no longer 21 and perky…

We Good Enough Mothers are just getting started on our journeys… and NOTHING and NO-ONE is going to hold us back…

So here is Good Enough Mother Podcast number 2 from GEM world headquarters… Enjoy!

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They’re completely random and range from the silly to the serious. So if you want to know what the most money I’ve ever spent on a haircut is, my most difficult celebrity interview and why I left the Early Show (hint – I was fired!) have a listen…

We’re going to be doing more and more podcasts over the coming weeks so please keep checking the site. And if you have any suggestions for future topics or ideas just leave a note in the comments section below….



Rene x

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