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Hi there Good Enough Mothers!

Well we made it through another week – somehow. But like all of you out there I don’t know how I did it…

Have you ever felt like the walls of the world were closing in on you? That for every step you took forward, you got knocked back? Well, Good Enough Mother is right there with ya!

I had to dig DEEEEEP into my tattered, little red pocketbook for a variety of unexpected expenses this week and it hurt! From Cole’s new braces to making sure we would continue to have water – it was an expensive week.

But I try to put a positive spin on most things and if you are an odds player like I am, all that bad, means something good is right around the corner. Right? Well that’s what I choose to believe.

So sit back, take a listen and bestow a little sympathy as I regale you with tales of my rather expensive week in Rene’s Weekly Rewind.

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Hey everybody – what a great day to be alive!

Okay, you may be asking – who slipped the happy pills into Good Enough Mother’s coffee this morning? But honestly, the reason I’m feeling so good and inspired is because I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately and the books I’ve chosen are really speaking to me and to the place I’m at in my life.

One of my new favorites is called The Dip by Seth Godin. It’s a short but powerful book about knowing when to stay the course (and also when it’s time to quit). Oh I can SO identify with that…

It’s also been just the motivation I need to put my head down and work harder.

So do you feel like you need a little something extra today? Well, sit back and take a listen as I talk about The Dip and one other book that has had had an impact on my life in today’s Monday Message!


Rene x

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Well, Good Enough Mother sure got to put into practice all the stuff I preach this week!

You see a few days ago I found out that my son’s boy band is breaking up, in part due to scheduling issues.

This is a group he has worked with for a couple of years now and honestly, I wasn’t sure how he would react to the news. They may not be U2 or Coldplay – but for a 12 year old boy – this is a BIG deal!

But as I always say, it’s not my job to keep my kid’s from experiencing life’s disappointments but rather to handle them and move on. Cole did that with aplomb. Whew! In the process, he helped me to realize I am on the right track – and am raising one heck of a great kid!

So here’s the story of what happened – and how we all handled it!

Take a listen – and share your own stories of how you helped your kids handle life’s letdowns…

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Don the tops and tails, gowns and gloves and put the champagne on ice because it’s time for Dancing with the Stars – once again. Yes, Season 11 is almost here – and Good Enough Mother can’t wait.

I used to think Dancing was really cheesy. But of course, that was before I watched it. Now I can’t wait to see the show when it returns September 20th (need a big box of wine THAT night!)

Today Us magazine ‘leaked’ the new season’s contestants and though ABC has yet to officially announce the contestants I have a feeling many of these names are on board already. They all sound like just the right calibre of celebrity to do Dancing – and I actually think some of these guys will really surprise us with how good or how bad they are.

Take a listen and see if you agree… and don’t forget to check out my own Dream Dancing Cast…

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