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Do you think kids are dressing appropriately nowadays or a bit too provocatively?

An online group thinks they definitely need to cover up more and is taking aim at retailers who target them. Mumsnet makes a few good points in its “Let Girls Be Girls” campaign. They say, among other things, that short shorts and t-shirts with questionable wording introduce girls to a sexualized world too soon while we as parents are busy trying to teach them to resist the pressure to become sexually active at a young age.

Are they onto something? Take Suri Cruise, for example. Rarely does a day go by where the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is not photographed dressed to the nines in sundresses and glittery shoes with kitten heels. But come on now. Is Suri trying to be sexy? I doubt it. She’s three. It’s all about the pretty in her world.

When Good Enough Mother was a kid, one of my favorite memories was playing dress-up. My own good enough mother had a trick. She would go to yard sales and buy all the fancy dresses and shoes for like 5 bucks, and then store everything in a chest in the garage. On rainy days, we were dressed to the nines, with sequins, pointy-toed pumps, faux furs, you name it, we ran around in it. (Little known fact, when you wear the rubber heel off the bottom of the pump, if you run in the street, scraping said heel against the asphalt, sparks will fly up. Really. Double the excitement when the potential is there to trip on your too long dress or have a spark ignite it!) Like Suri, we just wanted to be pretty.

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Welcome to the end of the year GEMs, we almost made it (I am of course referring to the school year rather than the actual year. The former is a source of celebration, the latter rather more depressing – ‘how old am I?’)

Naturally, end of the year activities are in full swing and that includes picking up the overpriced school yearbooks.

Casey brought hers home yesterday and through all of the “HAGS (have a great summer) and SUNY (see you next year) signatures from her posse I saw this:

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Miley Cyrus, known to audiences for years as the super sweet Hannah Montana, is branching out. I mean WAY out!

As her time with Disney comes to an end, Miley is trying to shed that pop princess image as fast as she can. Gyrating on stage in ripped up fishnets and kissing girls will certainly do that. Good Enough Mother recently gave her take on CNN Headline News. Check it out below…

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Recently, Good Enough Mother was asked for her take on a new study by iVillage that reported two thirds of married women would rather read a book than have sex! That’s gotta be some good book there!

But what about you, have you ever had a book that was so good you would skip sex for another chapter?

We also chatted about Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Jesse James, who, during an interview with ABC News called himself the most hated man in the world. Does he really deserve the title? Or who else do you think is America’s biggest douchebag?

Check out GEM in action below!

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