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As if we didn’t live completely insular existences already, now comes something that will hasten our retreat into the land where we and we alone live.

Witness the TV Hat. The idea is you put this thing on that looks like a duck bill with black out shades on the sides and then you never have to miss your favorite shows again. And you too can look completely ridiculous for the low, low price of $19.95. This is clearly made for the person who has more dollars than sense.

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi (and quite frankly it scares me that I know their last names without having to look it up) are from the last season of ABC’s The Bachelor. Jake hails from Texas, where I spent many years and Vienna, oh who the heck knows? But somehow these two misfits wound up together, their short union, solidified by a rose ceremony. Oh brother.

Now Good Enough Mother would like her children to know, and anyone else who will listen, that this is not real life. The idea that these two people were somehow made for each other and it was all played out on national TV is more than laughable.

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Good Enough Mother figured for all the free loading they do, my kids ought to give me something, other than lip, in return. So I’m gonna have them find and send along interesting videos they come across (Hey, I don’t have endless hours or motivation to comb the corners of the Internet looking for obscure stuff. THEY DO!) So today it’s canine comedy courtesy Casey.

Ever watch World Cup Soccer? You know that annoying and incessant buzzing? It’s caused by something called a Vuvuzela. These folks got the bright idea that they would terrorize their dog with it. She got the last laugh.

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Last night, Casey came to me and asked if she could go with a friend to see the movie Grown ups, which opens this weekend. I hadn’t formulated an opinion of the movie one way or the other, except to say, I was mildly curious as I like most of the stars in it. (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Salma Hayek among others). Then I watched the trailer.

Full disclosure, this is not a professional review. But for me, in a word.. ugh. It seriously looks like the kind of movie where they put all the funny clips in the trailer and even these ‘best moments’ aren’t gut busting. Really – is the best these combined talents can come up with?

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