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Well we’re on Day Four of our 7-day trip and already we’re running out of food and I’m beginning to feel a little like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. I’m cranky because my neck is still killing me and I’m not sure if the little bit of exercise I did this morning helped or hindered.

The kids and I decided to lay low today and that’s a good thing. They didn’t wake up until after 10. Whenever they sleep like this I assume it’s because they’re growing. When I sleep like this it’s because I’m hung over.

Anyway, our big outing today was to Ripley’s Believe it or Not on the main drag in Orlando. I must say even with a coupon for $2 off per person, I felt like it was a bit of a rip off for what we got. Maybe because we’re so immune to shock and oddities (thank you internet) or maybe because an entire portrait made from dryer lint isn’t as much interesting as it is just sad that someone had that kind of time. Whatever the reason it just sort of fell flat. And for 52 bucks for the three of us, we barely got an hour’s worth of entertainment. But I snapped a few good phtotos:

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Today we were supposed to go to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. But why go out when the freak show comes to you?

After eating enough white flour and sugar to kill a herd of elephants, I decided I needed to get back to exercise, my favorite form of which is walking. It is summer in central Florida which feels a little like the surface of the sun so you gotta get up and get going early.

But after leaving at 7:00 am (which still was not early enough) I noticed a twinge in my neck. No problem, it will feel better once I get moving. Not so! By the time I finished the 4 miles I was in excruciating pain! An hour later I was lying prone in the bed, unable to move. I called the front desk and BEGGED for someone to bring me some Advil. 15 minutes and $1.99 later I was downing two capsules.

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Well the day didn’t go as planned but who keeps to a schedule while on vacation?

Remember, after yesterday’s early morning travel (6:32 a.m. flight) unconventional breakfast (snickers bar and brownie) swimming until we could get in the room (5:15pm) running out to get groceries and back to find broken elevator (GASP!), we were all pretty beaten up.

So we slept until 10, then lay in bed until noon. I guess when kids sleep that long they wake up famished because Cole ate a bowl of cereal, leftover Chinese food and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in about 7 minutes. It was a little like watching pigs at a trough; all I saw was the top of his head, food flying in every direction punctuated by an occasional grunt or two. Casey ate about half as much but was equally silent.

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Well GEMs, it is that annual rite of passage for the Parham family. We, along with hundreds of thousands of other families, will brave the sweltering heat, afternoon thunderstorms, overpriced food and astronomical fees to get into the parks for some forced family fun in Orlando, FL. Don’t get me wrong, I like Orlando but when I see photos like this, the opening of Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando, I want to run, screaming in the other direction.

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