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Cancer Is Funny… sort of!

Leave it to the cable networks to really push the envelope in a way the others only wish they could.

Reminiscent of HBO’s fantastic series, Six Feet Under, Showtime’s new comedy The Big C highlights the range and depth of award winning actress Laura Linney – and is my Must See TV Show of the moment…

Linney plays Cathy, who has followed the rules her whole life – until she receives a cancer diagnosis and has to come to grips with the fact that the disease is going to kill her. That’s all the permission she needs to start living life unapologetically, including saying what she REALLY feels.

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Hey GEMs…

It’s the summer season and that means we’ll all be spending a lot more time outdoors. You know, cramped in a folding chair, on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer/baseball/softball/track meet/swim meet ALL DAY LONG!

Now, you girls know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I’m not the sell-out type and given the fact that I have not a single line on my face, I must know of what I speak. Okay, that and a good dermatologist who provides copious amounts of Botox and microdermabrasion, but I digress.

When I was a kid, my mom told me if you want to look young for a long time, wear sunscreen. I protested, “ But mom, ‘WE’RE BLACK!” thinking perhaps she hadn’t noticed that before. “We’re not going to burn.” Oh to the contrary. And burn we did, in the California summer sun.

So check this out. Having been around the horn on this sunscreen issue, I finally found one that works to protect against UVA AND UVB rays. The pesky UVB’s will burn you but the UVA are the ones will make your face look like a map of the Himalayas way before your time.

It’s the daily moisturizer called Anthelios by La Roche Posay. I cannot speak to any of their other products but I LOVE this one. I put it on in the morning right out of the shower, under my make-up. It’s lightweight, not greasy and doesn’t smell funny.

Wish I could say the same for my husband.

Fair warning, it is expensive. I found it online, 30 bucks for about three and a half ounces. But a facelift runs between $6,000 and $15,000 bucks. Even Good Enough Mother, with her piss poor math skills, can figure out the bargain here.

What products do you have to have to get you through the summer? Come on now, share…..

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