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Good Enough Mother is not a fan of infidelity; in fact, I find it to be repugnant. But, given all the recent media coverage, gossiping and sniping I have to ask – hasn’t country singer LeAnn Rimes been dragged over the coals enough?

LeAnn Rimes and her lover, actor Eddie Cibrian met a few years back on the set of some cheesy Lifetime movie. Be it the soft lighting or the requisite music for these types of movies, they found themselves exchanging much more than just lines. Of course that was problematic for Cibrian and his then wife, Brandi Glanville. Oh and LeAnn was married at the time too. Double trouble. They left their respective spouses and took up with each other and as I already stated, I find the whole thing distasteful but okay, people make mistakes, it was years ago and everyone moves on.

Except, apparently for a vocal faction of Shape magazine readers. They were apoplectic when Shape decided to put LeAnn on the magazine’s cover for a third time and they let the powers that be at the magazine know it. That prompted the editor, Valerie Latona, to send out an email that I can only assume, slipped right on by their PR department. She said…

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Anyway, I met some great people doing thought provoking pieces at FOX 25 but this one segment REALLY stuck with me.

In this piece, the Fox team followed up on several truly tragic, local news stories but instead of the usual cut and dried approach, they took it a step further by following these peoples’ choices to forgive. See if you can watch it without crying.

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Good Enough Mother’s little sister will probably kill me for breathing one single WORD of what I am about to tell you but I am willing to take that chance!

Years and years ago, I embarked on a life of crime. What’s more, being the early influencer that I was, I tried to drag my little sis Tracy into it as well. We pedaled our Huffy’s up to Raley’s supermarket in our little town of Fair Oaks, California, parked them and then went inside to case the place. Our mission (or rather mine) – to steal two yo-yos.

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Good Enough Mother had to chuckle for a second when I read about Katherine Heigl’s interview in this month’s Redbook Magazine. She talks about the importance of balancing work and motherhood (hey, don’t we know THAT?) but she also made a comment that seems to be generating some heat in the headlines.

Heigl mentioned that her new husband, musician Josh Kelley can be “very self-absorbed.” This from a woman who publicly threw the writers of Grey’s Anatomy under the bus by saying the material she was given to work with was not worthy of an Emmy (WHAT?) And let’s not forget the time Katherine criticized the movie that made her a household name, Knocked Up, as ‘a little sexist’. She ain’t gonna win Miss Congeniality.

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