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While yesterday Good Enough Mother was just sort of scratching her head, today she is OUTRAGED! It’s about the young woman who was trying to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. Now we’re hearing that it was her father her put her in harm’s way because he has a deal for a reality television show!


Lawrence Sunderland lives with his pregnant wife and 7 kids in a middle class suburb in LA. According to published reports, he’s also broke. He says the seeds for Abby Sunderland’s journey were sown three years ago when she was just 13 (in other words this was her idea and she REALLY wanted to do it) but he also envisioned a reality show about his adventurous brood. TV cameras started filming his family about 4 months ago, though Sunderland was vague when asked what the show might be about.

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Good Enough Mother, minus the ringing in her middle-aged ears, feels pretty good right about now. See both my kids had their rock recitals this afternoon and dangit, they were GOOD! I suffered through 8 other acts, two songs per band, just to hear my offspring do their thing.

They are both part of bands organized out of the local music school. Two or three times a year, they rent a dive bar in Manhattan and the kids get to perform onstage, in a real nightclub, with real alcohol which is served to the parents. Trust me when I say, that made the day more bearable.

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