Good Enough Mother
Grows Up!


Look what happened when we were living a life. Everybody grew up.. including Good Enough Mother. 

Things change.. a lot. And when things change, we need to change with them. 

So here I am filling you in on some of that change. 


When I started Good Enough Mother in 2007, I had just been fired from my high profile job as one of the co-anchors of CBS, The Early Show. That, along with getting ready for a preventive mastectomy was a lot to manage at once. But I did it, with a lot of help from friends and family. 

The decade or so after that has been something of a blur. I had a couple of TV jobs, co-host of Exhale on Aspire TV and a vacation reality show called Sweet Retreats.



Meanwhile, behind there scenes, life was steady going on.

My kids, who were 8 and 10 when I started Good Enough Mother, grew up. They are now happy, healthy, functioning adults who are now 21 and 23 ( I KNOW! I cant believe it either!)



So as you can see, I  sort of “aged out” of the heavy duty aspects of parenting. When I began writing Good Enough Mother, I was deep in the  throes of parenting two young people. We moved through adolescence (and it was NOT easy) and on into adulthood. So now, just as they have, it’s time for Good Enough Mother to grow up too. My interests are no longer those of a young-ish parent; I am now smack-dab in the middle of middle age and I would like the content here to reflect some of what I am experiencing now. 

Lately I’ve been wondering about a lot of things, namely, where my eyebrows have gone off too, now realizing they’re  probably somewhere with my waist and metabolism. 

But more than that I would really like to help my readers (who I assume are dealing with some of the same things I am), navigate this next stage of the empty nest. Or semi-empty as the case may be. I want to talk about things like friendship, finances, new jobs and relationships. Arthritis, botox and bladder issues (come on, let’s talk about it).

I want to address the funny, fun as well as sobering and sad. 

I’ll still write a bit about parenting thought it won’t be about PTA and class mom activities as much as parenting adult kids, if they’ll let me.

Life is funny. How can the days be so long and years be so short? How can it be that one minute we’re managing school photos and classroom birthday parties and the next we’re watching them gradate and help them get apartments?

I do hope you will come along with me as I explore this next phase of my life. And hey, shoot me an email if there is something you’d like me to cover!

And hey, tell me..what’s been happening in your life? Kids? New gigs? Health? Do tell!