Rene Syler’s Communicators Academy

Have you ever wondered if you could stop your  knees from shaking when you give a public speech? Why does everything you wanted to say, fly RIGHT OUT of you mind as soon as you stand up to speak? How DO you keep your composure enough to get the words out right?
Oh and don’t even get started talking about video! Taped or live it’s bound to give many a case of the nerves.
BUT WAIT! There is a way to tame all of that! To learn how to find your voice and use it so you get PAID!
Rene Syler’s Communicators Academy is starting back up! Here’s how it works.
On Sunday you will receive the workbook for the week. You will read and practice and then we will have a live meeting (via Zoom) on Saturdays where will go over the homework as well as  get instruction on how to make your performance better.
Course outline includes:
1. Managing small group dynamics
2. Be better on video
3. Best practices for LIVE video
4. How to build and deliver a killer speech
Cost for the 4 week course is $109….
ACT NOW! Here’s your chance to learn from 20+ year broadcast professional Rene Syler!