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Wanna Sleep Like A Baby? A Memory Foam Mattress May Be Just The Thing!

Wanna Sleep Like A Baby?
A Memory Foam Mattress May Be Just The Thing!


If you are like me, you may be sleeping on the same mattress you have had for years. According to the Better Sleep Council, we should change out our mattress every 7-10 years. But nowadays there are so (SO) many options.. how do we decide? About 4 months ago, I started sleeping on a memory foam mattress and I can say with great certainty, that it is the best bed I have ever had!

  1. Memory Foam is Good for Your Back

When shopping for a new mattress in NYC, one reason to consider memory foam is it is good for your back. That is because memory foam is supportive, yet slightly bouncy and body-contouring. That means it provides equal support to all parts of your body that touch the mattress.

Certain other types of mattresses, especially those with spring coils, do not provide such even support. Instead, extra stress is placed on areas that contact the mattress. That causes your body to shift in strange ways in the night and can add some undue tension on certain areas of your body.

2. Memory Foam Alleviates Various Other Aches and Pains

The same traits that help to keep your spine aligned while you sleep help memory foam mattresses reduce pain in other parts of your body, too. When you use mattress stores guide you can easily find a store close to you that offers memory foam, if you need it. You may want memory foam if you suffer from ailments that cause joint pain, especially in your hips or shoulders. The right memory foam mattress can also make your neck and other pressure points more comfortable.

Memory foam has also been known to help reduce symptoms of specific ailments. For example, you may suffer from arthritis. If so, switching to a memory foam mattress may alleviate some discomfort and make it easier for you to sleep. 

3. Memory Foam Works for Multiple Sleep Positions

By nature, memory foam conforms to your body. That means it can cushion your body, no matter what position you sleep in. Additionally, you can customize your comfort level with memory foam. There are multi-layer and specific firmness level mattresses available to help you do that.

4. Memory Foam is Allergy-Friendly

It is easy for pet dander, dust and mold to accumulate in some mattress types over time. Memory foam is not one of those mattress types. Its construction consists of tight layers with little room for such accumulations. That makes memory foam a good allergy-friendly choice.

In fact, memory foam is also known to be dust mite-resistant. Dust mites are tiny insects that love to hide out in mattresses. However, they have very little room to hide in memory foam. Even so, you have to use a good mattress cover and frequent vacuuming to fully minimize the chances of a dust mite invasion.

5. Memory Foam Fits Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are all the rage these days. However, some mattress types do not work well with them. Memory foam is so flexible that it is easy to adjust. It can accommodate any base position. Yet, it still provides body support while you sleep. 

6. Memory Foam Versus Other Mattresses

These are only a few traits of memory foam mattresses. Other types of mattresses have positive traits as well. That is why you have to compare and contrast all of them. Only then can you figure out if you need a memory foam mattress or some other mattress type. 

The sales staff at your an NYC mattress store can provide facts to help you make that final choice. Make sure you ask them in-depth questions about each mattress type and the support it provides to get all the information you need.

Do you sleep on a memory foam mattress? Tell me.. how is your experience?



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