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WARNING: long post about personal responsibility.About a month ago a number of seemingly disconnected things in my life came together. It’s almost like I could hear them, the way metal clicks when mechanisms are locking into place.There were 3 major shifts in my life. I don’t feel like talking about them with great specificity here or anywhere for that matter and I may never. Because, though they were the catalysts, they were not ultimately responsible for the change. I was. One of the aforementioned things was/is pretty minor. Or so I thought. But I started doing it, every day, and it laid the groundwork for the other things. One of the things was major. It required a different mindset, being vigilant. Paying attention to my body. To my environment. It required that I make plans and anticipate situations. It also required me to be more in tune to my body, to how I was feeling and what I wanted to do about that. The last one involved a deep and fundamental shift in how I view the world. The one theme here through the 3 catalysts was me. Each of these pieces required action. Not REACTION; action, in that I had to initiate.I was responsible. I AM responsible. The change in me this last month is because of me. It's not because I wanted to fit in a pair of pants, or for a job or because I'm supposed to. It is because I and I alone am responsible for my life. While I cannot control some parts of it, I sure as shit can control my reaction to it. I am a work in progress, as we all are. And while I am happy with the choices I am making, I know I may have to change as I continue through this journey of mindful action. I am in charge of me. And I know exactly what I have to do. #blackfitness #ebonyfitness #ladimaxlifestyle #aging #chickswholift #womensfitness #goodenoughmother

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Combing the aisles at Target in search of the best deal on Cheerios, it hit Rene Syler like the stench of a dirty diaper on a hot summer’s day. Not only is perfection overrated its utterly impossible! Suddenly empowered, she figuratively donned her cape, scooped up another taco kit for dinner and Good Enough Mother was born.

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