Good Enough Mother and Prudential:
Getting REAL About Retirement


This is a sponsored post for Prudential. All opinions are my own.


Have you given any thought to the TYPE of retirement you want to have? If you’re like me, you have been working and saving and saving and working but not really given much thought about the kind of life you will lead after you stop working.

Where do you want to live? What do you want to do? Will you have enough money and will what you have, last for the rest of your life?

I had an opportunity to drill down a bit further on some of that at a very cool event in New York’s Times Square.  On October 4th, the Alliance For Lifetime income, a non-profit organization held Protect Your Retirement Day in New York City. Prudential, as a founding member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, gave me the opportunity to attend the event.  Part of the event was an exhibit that featured a virtual reality experience which was VERY cool! But the best part was it helped me really give some thought into the type of retirement I want.

I may not be technically young but I am young at heart. I am active. I am strong. I will not be sitting on anyone’s porch in a rocker for quite some time.

So what does that mean for my money and how can I make sure it is around as long as I am?

I learned from Prudential that an annuity can be a great option to include in your retirement savings strategy.  An annuity is an investment vehicle that provides guarenteed, protected lifetime income – and who doesn’t want that?  That dependability is so attractive, especially when the future holds so much uncertainty.

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