Good Enough Mother:
5 Lessons From Female Friendship 


Disclosure: TopView New York City provided me with 6 passes for our couple of days on the town.  All opinions are my own. Follow them on Instagram @TopviewNYC  


There’s been quite a bit going on in my life lately; I haven’t talked about it because it’s a lot to process. So when I have an opportunity to get away from it all, even if just for a day or so, I grab it!

That was the case recently when TopView Sightseeing New York asked me if I would like to come out for a spin atop their big, red, double-decker buses!

Heck YEAH!

So I grabbed my daughter, two of her friends and my best, mom friend in the world and off we went!

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Patricia and I met up with my daughter, Casey and a couple of her friends and then we were off for a day of adventure. 

You can see more of the sites in the video down below but this trip meant so much to me and for a minute I couldn’t quite figure out why.

Then it hit me. 

Female friendship. 

That was the thing I was feeling as I shared this experience with Patricia. 

But what EXACTLY about our female friends that makes that bond so special? 

Here are the 5 reasons I came up with.


1.They are comfortable

Patricia and I have known one another since our children were in second grade together. That’s a long time! even though we don’t see each other much, when we do we fall right back into a comfortable groove. It’s lovely to have someone like that in your life.

2. They are non-judgmental

Secrets. Hopes. Dreams. Wishes. Sometimes you just need to have someone to share those things with. Patricia lends an ear and offers advice, all without judgment. 

3. They are fun!

The thing I love about my female friends, Patricia included, is that we seem to be able to find the fun in just about anything. And we LAUGH! In this latest adventure, we were supposed to go home after a day in the city. But it was late, we were tired so we thought, “Hey let’s stay!” We booked a room on and got a great deal for less than $140! 

Of course we didn’t have food, clothes or toothbrushes but that didn’t stop us!

4. They are restorative 

I always feel rested and rejuvenated after spending time with my bestie. The conversation is always easy and flowing and even in the times we are not talking, there’s just a peace about it. 

5. They are love

Patricia wants the very best for me, just as I do her. She doesn’t have too tell me that.. I see if in her actions. During my difficult times, she is there and I would like to think I would do the same for her if need be. 


So thanks to my daughter and her friends, to Patricia and Top View Sightseeing for the great couple of days in NYC! Click here for more information on Top View Sightseeing. No trip to New York is complete without it!