BrainSpark Health to
Help Effectively Overcome Addiction


As the mother of two children, I have been concerned about the growing number of people battling addictions in our communities. We all should be. The opioid crisis caused over 60,000 deaths last year and it’s not a problem just in criminal communities – this is a wide-spread crisis that affects everyone. From moms with migraines to the CEO who tweaked his back. Addiction seems to be a problem that affects all of us in some way. The stereotype of the high school “burnout” couldn’t be farther from the truth these days. The idea of the “junkie” who lives on the streets and breaks into your house to steal your jewelry and sell it for drugs doesn’t apply anymore (although I’m not entirely sure it always did, but that’s a different story). The fact is, there are more people living with us every day battling addiction than you might even be aware of. It could be the successful and seemingly perfect and always put together PTA president. It could be the chef at your favorite restaurant. It could be your partner, your child’s teacher, or even yourself.

Opioid Epidemic

The incredible addictiveness of opioid-based medications is what makes it a difficult habit to break once it’s started. The way our brains work means that not only is there a sense of pleasure that “rewards” the use of the drugs, but the withdrawals create painful, physical symptoms. Many people find themselves drawn to the sense of euphoria created with taking opioid medications. That euphoria is so powerful that it becomes a way of coping. The opiates don’t just dull physical pain, they also dull emotional and psychological pain.  It’s no wonder so many people have become addicted to these types of medications!

Generally speaking, traditional therapies do not take these facts into account. They tend to have a lower rate of success for those trying to overcome their addictions because they only address one or two of the issues that result in addiction. They do little to treat or address any underlying causes of addiction, which is in essence “healing the brain”.

BrainSpark Health’s Approach to Addiction

BrainSpark Health is pioneering new treatment protocols to help create an affordable approach that takes underlying causes into account, as well as the physical implications of overcoming addiction. No matter what drug we’re talking about, it’s easy to say the solution is to just stop taking the drugs. However, it’s rarely that simple, and there’s a reason why so many people who suffer from addiction relapse. We have to address the issues—ALL of the issues, which helped lead to addiction in the first place. We have to consider the larger influences in the environment that made drugs the more appealing choice for those struggling with sobriety.  In the meantime, we need to support effective therapies to minimize relapses and help those struggling with addiction to create stable, sober, meaningful lives with a hopeful future.

How BrainSpark Works

BrainSpark’s innovations, with the use of NAD IV Therapy, actually assist in repairing the damage within the brain that has been caused by drug use on a cellular level. This helps to decrease the amounts of relapses in patients. The focus on affordable outpatient treatments also means recovering addicts get support as they rebuild their lives instead of intensive inpatient treatments which require patients to be withdrawn from society for weeks at a time. Patients don’t have to worry about re-learning how to function in society sans substances. Instead, they rebuild their lives in the outside world with the assistance of BrainSpark’s innovative approach toward addiction treatment.

What is NAD IV Therapy?

BrainSpark Health is the first center on the East Coast to offer NAD IV Therapy, which has established an impressive success rate and is considered the crown jewel of detox due to its rapid cleanse and restoration therapies. NAD IV Therapy radically repairs cell damage in the brain and the body. The ‘traditional’ methods of treating addiction substitute one drug for another, which is only a quick fix. With NAD IV Therapy, a medical professional can repair the brain and help patients lose the cravings and anxiety of their addiction.

What Patients are saying

“I recently underwent treatment at Brainspark Health. I didn’t know exactly what to expect since their treatment was clearly going to be very different than any other treatment I had experienced, both because of the IV therapy itself, as well as their holistic approach.

Prior to coming in, I was on a large number of prescription medications. With the recommendation of the medical staff at Brainspark, I went off all of them my first day there. Much to my astonishment, I experienced little in the way of withdrawal-far less than I would have if I had not gone there. I had a headache the first night, and nausea three days into treatment, as well as some other symptoms, but for the most part, these were manageable.

The biggest improvement, though, is to my mood and energy. I never felt this good when I was on such high doses of antidepressants and other meds, which is in itself pretty shocking.
In addition, I can’t say good enough things about the staff. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. Most days, I was provided with Reiki, which helped me sleep, as well as massage, acupuncture, and counseling. The treatment was very relaxed; all rooms were private, and I could watch Ele, read, and/or go online during the time I was receiving treatment. Additionally, I was provided with lunch every day that I was up to eating, either from WholeFoods across the street, or one of the many restaurants on Grubhub.

In sum, I highly encourage anyone who thinks NAD/amino acid therapy would be helpful, to give Brainspark a call. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

— L. Long

The Mission Statement

Traditional rehabilitation and treatment programs have over an 85% fail rate. That leaves so many people struggling to battle their demons. Part of the reason why BrainSpark Health is so unique and why I think it’s a better option can be summed up in their mission statement: “Our mission is to treat the source of the dependency and craving,”the brain” first, by jump-starting it with a chemical spark, combining holistic, alternative medicine and social reprogramming instead of the conventional treatment currently available and proven to have over 85% failure rate.”

Although it isn’t considered an illegal or even a dangerous substance by some standards, sugar is a very real and very powerful addiction. When I’m working with someone who is trying to overcome sugar addictions we go through a detoxification process first. From there, we help rebuild healthy habits. In the process, we focus on raising their energy levels, improving sleep cycles, and eliminating and managing future cravings. It isn’t easy to do alone, so I always offer personalized support to maximize success. And that’s why I was encouraged to see similar processes and support for alcohol, heroin, and opioid addiction recovery being implemented by BrainSpark Health.

The multi-prong, holistic approach is exactly what it will take for families to rebuild their lives after addiction tears them apart.  From Reiki to cutting-edge treatment options personalized for each client, BrainSpark Health is a new look at an old problem to finally get people the help they need!