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This piece in the NY Times… YES! I know what it feels like to "shrink your blackness". I have known for a lot of years, beginning in my early days in TV but if I am to be truthful, it started even before then. Trying to make my hair do something it is not designed to do. Being embarrassed when there was too much root because I was one week past the appointment with the hairdresser. Or the chemical-induced cowlick that always appeared at the front of my hair line. Oh and let's not forget the disappearing edges and hair so thin it looked like crepe paper in the wind. But long before that I was beating the hell out of those curls, an essential part of my blackness. Of ME. But back then, no one was empowering young girls of color to embrace their natural hair. My daughter was a big reason I went natural; she needed to see me love my hair and by extension, me. I think we all get to a point where we just aren't going to take it anymore. I got there about a decade ago when I decided putting chemicals in my hair was too great a price for me just to be on TV; they were going to love me as I am. The way my hair comes out of my head. All of me. And if they don't, well that's okay too. I am glad to see the end Respectability Politics.. but even before this piece, before Beychella, before Cardi B, in my own way, I decided to stop shrinking my blackness. If that makes some uncomfortable, so be it. They can leave and be comfortable again. But I will always be black. 🏽️ #NaturalHair #TeamNatural #blackwoman #TVnews #ExhaleTV #Aspire #GoodEnoughMother #mom #blackmothers

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Combing the aisles at Target in search of the best deal on Cheerios, it hit Rene Syler like the stench of a dirty diaper on a hot summer’s day. Not only is perfection overrated its utterly impossible! Suddenly empowered, she figuratively donned her cape, scooped up another taco kit for dinner and Good Enough Mother was born.

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