How In The HELL Did I Get HERE?
Ep. 2: The Lady Posse (PODCAST) 

When I was in the 3rd grade, my best friend was Barry. Freindship was so simple then; we shared the lunch table and playground.. things like that. The thing I remember most about my friend Barry is that she was in cahoots with my parents to throw me a surprise party for my 10th birthday. We walked home like normal and then separated at our usual spot. I went home and, when I opened the door, a bunch of my friends, including Barry, were yelling SURPRISE! 

(side note: to this day I still don’t know how she got to her house and then to mine before I got there.. but I digress).

Ahh yes.. friendship, and life frankly, were much cleaner and easier. 

Fast forward 40 years (or more) and things are different; more complicated. But the one thing that remains is the power of friendship. 

Listen now to this week’s, How in the HELL did I get HERE.. featuring special guest Carla Birnberg!