Good Enough Mother and Money.. Let’s Talk:
Facebook Live With Prudential

(This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and Prudential.)

Meg Morales
Prudential Financial Professional 

Hey you guys! Just popping in because I am excited to introduce you to my new friend. Meg Morales is a Prudential Financial Professional. I introduced you to her here, but now you get to meet her yourself, virtually!

I am going to be hosting a Facebook Live, Wednesday, January 24th at 11 AM EST and Meg is going to be my special guest. 

I really like Meg and honestly she has made me feel much better about my finances, where I am currently and what I need to do to protect my future. 

But there are some real challenges and concerns for women as they invest, things like the wage/income gap and living longer and alone, just to name few.

So I invite you to join me.. Just click HERE at 11 am EST and have your questions ready for Meg.