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Good Enough Mother: How In The HELL Did I Get Here? Ep. 1: In The Weeds

Good Enough Mother:
How In The HELL Did I Get Here?
Ep. 1: In The Weeds




I don’t even know where to start really, there is so much to this and so many layers. Much of it will be explained in the podcast. And some won’t be.

There has been a reason I have been absent from this space.. and even now I can’t divulge all the details. 

The best way to describe it is to say the last several years have been a struggle. A real struggle. And I was quietly trying to deal. Until I couldn’t anymore. 

That’s where I am now. 

I am starting this podcast for a couple of reasons but primarily because I want to be able to have one place where all my thoughts are gathered; where I can look back and draw from for my kick ass best-seller. 

But for right now, it’s just a quiet, slow reveal about the surprises of midlife; some incredibly wonderful and some just absolutely devastating. 

I started this podcast also to be of comfort to friends; they, like me, were struggling and felt alone. I wanted to assure them they were not. 

So DEEP BREATH and here goes.. 



 Where are you at this place in your life? Are you also in the weeds? How are you feeling about that these days?

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