The Other F Word Is Back And On Fire!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review. Opinions are my own.

The Other F Word is back for another season and it is on fire! All over network cable, Netflix and other series streaming networks, you will find shows that focus on families with young children, single parents, millennials, you name it. And they are great, don’t get me wrong. But what about the other set of demographics, the ones who are apparently invisible to Hollywood?  Those of us who have raised their children and who are struggling to start over – or those of us, like me, who are over here treading water with teenagers and adult-ish kids!

We are out of the diaper phase, toddler phase, and every other phase that doesn’t have to do with almost grown-up kids. Until last year when Caytha Jentis premiered “The Other F Word” on Amazon, there was not a single show out there that used our demographic and our generation as great television series content.

That is what this series by Caytha Jentis is all about. This show’s clever and comedic handling of our demographic launched Season 1 into a top spot on Amazon streaming and it was a top-ranked show for over 4 months. And finally, Season 2 is here and free to view on Amazon Prime, even if you aren’t a prime subscriber. Yes, FREE! It’s like Caytha knows how much we are feeling this midlife pinch.

Let’s face it – those of us over 40 are an underappreciated demographic. “The Other F Word” seasons 1 and 2 explore just how true that is, with a little humor, and a lot of fun.

Check out the trailer – I know you’ll get sucked right in and start binge watching!

One of the scenes was co-written by Emmy award-winning tv writer Judy Rothman Rofe who authored Neurotic Parent, while the musical within the series is written by the award-winning playwriting team Pam Weiler Grayson and Alice Jankell. And the line-up of characters in the show is so fabulous –  including Judy Gold, Steve Guttenberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Boatman, Alysia Reiner and Nancy Giles. Plus, former Comedy Central EVP and comedian Judy Gold joins Jentis as an Executive Producer.

Caytha Jentis went out of her way to include many products developed by female entrepreneurs throughout her show as well. Watch for product placements by companies like Peach, Adam & Eve, Unbound Box, Pink trunk, 10th Studio, and more! This spirit of generosity has been a benchmark of this show from the very beginning, including being able to binge-watch free on Amazon!

So, are you ready to join me for Season 2 of The Other F word? Watch the entire season now on Amazon FREE and if you need to catch up on Season 1, you can do that too. The comedic, coming-of-age journey for these women will make you laugh, might make you cry, and is sure to remind you of someone you know – maybe even yourself.