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GEMs Of Beauty: A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

GEMs Of Beauty:
A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose


Some years ago, I rented a house in the middle-of-nowhere France when I needed calm and isolation to research and start writing my second novel, Belladonna. By fabulous happenstance, I ended up in a bastide belonging to one of the most acclaimed poets in the world, W. S. Merwin. Not only was the house enchanted, but I arrived just when the cherries were ripe and the roses were about to pop. Several rose bushes that had been planted years before had prodigious blooms, circling the front door and windows. It was like living in a fairy-tale cottage.

What I remember most about those roses was their scent. So many newer varieties have been bred for constant blooming or pest-resistance, but old-fashioned roses smell like heaven. Since, however, so many consumers don’t actually know what genuine roses smell like, it’s easy for beauty manufacturers to use cloying synthetics that will remind you of fusty parlors or the cleansing aisle in the supermarket instead of actual flowers. You won’t have that problem if you choose any of these fabulous product, and then everything will be coming up roses. At least in your beauty world! 



I’ve loved Kahina since I first found out about (and wrote about here) their amazing argan oil. Now they’ve outdone themselves with their Rose Water spray, distilled from Rosa Damascena grown in Morocco’s Valley of Roses. It smells utterly divine and can be used to as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or astringent spray. Or just for hydration that will leave you blissfully refreshed, especially on a hot summer’s day.

Buy it here for $38


I’ve also been a big fan of Ren for years, and you know that they make one of my favorite bath oils (Moroccan Rose Otto, natch). I’m even happier with their new body cream, which has the same luscious scent and is a perfect way to double-dutch your rose addiction after the bath. It’s rich and thick yet absorbs instantly. Don’t forget to put some on your neck so you can inhale the goodness every time you move.

Buy it here for $55 


You won’t need to leave your hair off the rose list thanks to this lovely new spray from Kérastase Paris. It’s a super-lightweight oil-based mist that is so versatile it can be used as a primer before styling, or as a spritz afterward to smooth frizz and add hydration. And, of course, it smells delicious thanks to Damask rose flower water and sweet orange essential oil. 

Buy it here for $43 



Love your facial oil but worried about sunburn? Fret no more, as this amazing oil is not only super-nurturing and luxuriously soothing but it has an SPF15 in it. Even better, this oil and its fantastic companion, the Precious Cream, with its moisturizing and age-repairing properties, are made from rose stem cells and extracts culled with cutting-edge technology. Proving that roses can treat your skin as sweetly as they smell.

Buy the oil for $80 and the cream for $75 at



Equally yummy is this delectable moisturizing oil from Pixie. A unique blend of rose oil, pomegranate oil, and rose geranium oil, it absorbs instantly and it won’t clog your pores. I’m always trying to convince women of all ages to use face oils in place of moisturizing creams–or in addition to them, as a serum, in case you need extra hydration and soothing—and I hope the very reasonable price of this oil will convince you to try one.

Buy it for $24 at

So there you go.. Give one (or more!) of these a try and let me know what you think!


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