GEM Recommends:
Mother Nurture Chocolate Truffles
And Enhanced Water 


Pregnancy and summertime.. woooo-whee!

With both of my pregnancies, I had to make it through the sweltering, Texas heat. 

Talk about NO.FUN!

Even though it seemed like a thousand years ago, one of the things I remember about that time (and while nursing) was being so DANG thirsty!

Pregnant with Casey..
big and uncomfortable 🙁 

Like all new moms (and moms-to-be), I was careful about what I put in my body, mainly sticking to water. 

Plain, old, boring, tasteless water.


It got the job done but having a little flavor with it would have been nice. 

My kids are college-age so this comes late for me, but I am sharing for you and other moms or moms-to-be.

My friend, Maria Bailey founder of BSM Media, recently launched Mother Nurture Chocolate Truffles and Enhanced Waters.

Mother Nurture Chocolate Truffles and Enhanced Waters taste good and are good for you. Both contain some of the essential nutrients that you and your baby need like folic acid, DHA, Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and choline. The ingredients in each of our nutrient blends work in harmony with prenatal vitamins. Oh, and they are all natural too, nothing artificial.. one more thing to feel good about. 

Maria says this:  

“It was my goal to provide expectant mothers with a way to stay hydrated with a little flavor and extra nutrients for her baby. When she wants a treat, I don’t want her to feel guilty so I created chocolate truffles that are only 70 calories each and contain DHA and Folic Acid for her baby. Moms who taste Mother Nurture love it. I’m so pleased with the response.”

I love this because, frankly, there are so many things during pregnancy that are a bit of a drag. It’s nice to have a a little special treat and bonus.. one that is good and good for you too! 

Oh and if you act now, you can take advantage of this special offer! 

And congrats to Mother Nurture Chocolate Truffles and Enhanced Waters for being one of Washington Parent Magazine’s Mommy Must Haves! Way to go!

If you want more information on Mother Nurture, click here and make sure to check out their Facebook page too! You can buy directly from so head over there to take advantage of BOGO!