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5 Reasons To See Amelie on Broadway!

“Bring everyone you know to the show!”- Alesha Kilayko

(Disclosure: I received two tickets to the musical Amelie. All thoughts and opinions are my own and those of my staff)


If you are making a trip to New York this summer Amelie is a new musical you should put on your list!

Producers shared tickets so my daughter Casey and her friend Alesha, both college students in Manhattan, had a chance to take it all in. 

My daughter Casey and friend Alesha

That could not be more perfect right? Two young, college students taking in a wonderful show about a young women who lives a somewhat protected life until all is not really what it appears.

Okay so here are 5 reasons you really should see Amelie on Broadway!


1. You WILL Smile!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus

I know it sounds cliche but Amelie is such a feel good musical! The story is wonderful and the set supports that beautifully.

 “The designers – sets, lights, costumes, sound, and projections – collaborated really well together. No design outshone the other; they all truly worked together to create this fantastic, whimsical world of joy.”- Alesha Kilayko, a theater design major at Fordham University


2. The Cast is PHENOMENAL!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus 

Starring Hamilton breakout star Phillipa Soo, Amelie tells the story of a young woman who moves to Paris after leaving her widowed father. She grew up in a strict home and was homeschooled and was always treated differently by her parents because they believed she had a “heart condition”. This “heart condition” that they later found, was just her feeling so much joy and love for others. When she gets to Paris, she finds a metal box in her apartment and makes it her quest to return it to its rightful owner. After that, she dedicates her life to doing good deeds, making new friends along the way, happening upon her soulmate, and falling in love with him.

“Very uplifting in its sweetness and purity and utter joy”
Casey and Alesha


3. Amelie encourages you to do good!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus 

Think about the last time you did something for someone, expecting nothing in return. It makes you feel good right? That’s what Amelie does. Doing good for others, bringing joy brings her joy. When you leave the theatre, you will be reminded of what a great feeling that is. 


4. It’s a tender story about

Photo credit: Joan Marcus

Amelie is also a story about blossoming.. coming into one’s own. Amelie has all this joy inside of her, and as the story progresses, she learns how to unlock and to share it with others. When she does, she realizes the joy that brings her too! 

“It’s a good show to see in trying times like these when the world seems so negative and everyone seems so pessimistic → it will give you hope!” Casey and Alesha


5. Amelie reminds us of the
interconnectivity of experiences

Photo credit: Joan Marcus 

Have you ever wondered about experiences? I mean, what would happen if you hadn’t missed that train?  Who are the people you met because  you DID make that plane? In the case of Amelie, one small experience helps her hone her life’s philosophy. 

Amelie watches a TV show when breaking news occurs and she discovers that Princess Diana has died. That  leads her to drop her perfume bottle and when she picks it up she sees a crack in the wall. While on the ground she reaches into it and finds a metal box.  Finding the metal box, she is determined to find the original owner thus starting her journey.  And in the end of this journey, because of every little thing that happens… she meets her soulmate and… 

Oh .. wait! I am NOT going to tell you all of it! You must see if for yourself!

Amelie is playing at the 

219 W. 48TH Street.

Click here for tickets.. and then let me know what you think!

Oh and thanks to the amazing Casey Parham and Alesha Kilayko, both terrifying young women at Fordham University, for covering Amelie for Good Enough Mother.