GEMs Of Beauty:
The Top Moisture for Mamas!

 In the Northeast, winter used to start sometime in November, get hellaciously cold after the holidays, and then maybe start to warm up by the end of February. Remember March coming in like a lion? Well March came in like a tiny little kitten and went out like a melting popsicle. The poor cherry trees where I live were so confused they started blooming two months early, only to get frosted into submission during a super-cold snap and our blizzard-that-wasn’t quite. So…what does this mean for your skin? It means your skin is probably as confused as the cherry trees. One way to end this confusion is to stick to a good moisturizing routine. Even if the air is warmer outside, you still need to protect it from the elements. Any of these fab new products ought to do the trick.



Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion

If your skin tends to be oily, you might be leery of moisturizers, especially thick ones that might clog your already overworked pores. Fear not—this new Daily Moisturizing Lotion from Aquation is super-lightweight and absolutely greaseless, and it soaks right into your skin without leaving a trace. Loaded with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, it’ll keep your skin hydrated all day, and at a price that can’t be beat.

Buy it for $7.99 here.

Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturizer


Odylique is a brand that’s huge and beloved in the UK and deserves to be better-known in this country, especially as their products are loaded with therapeutic and plant-based extracts. I am completely in love with their moisturizers, especially this one, as it’s lightweight, gentle enough to use as an eye cream, and smells like a heavenly rose garden. It’s especially good for sensitive skin or if you have rosacea.

Buy it for $48 at


MPWR Recharge! Nourishing Moisturizer 


Your skin will thank you when you use skincare products that have as many ingredients that are certified organic as possible. This Nourishing Moisturizer from the totally organic MPWR is formulated with a combination of organic oils and lusciously scented extracts along with soothing chamomile and arnica.  It smells divine and feels even better on parched skin.

Buy it for $28.00 at

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen 

It might be spring and the sun isn’t at full blast yet, but you knew the sunscreen nag was coming, right? Which is why you should try this SPF30 mineral sunscreen that is loaded with moisturizers and goes on smooth as silk. It’s also tinted, giving you a hint of a glow as it evens out your skin tone. Way to multi-task and keep the damaging rays from harming your skin.

Buy it for $45 at



One of the best perks of writing this column is discovering new brands and new products you aren’t likely to find in your local drugstore or department store. High on the list is this unique little lip mask, which hydrates and plumps up your lips. Simply apply it on your lips, leave on for 20 minutes, then wipe off any excess. Your lips will be kissably soft.

Buy it for $8.99 at

Artnaturals Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum 

You already know how much I love serums, because they are treatment products that can be used for whatever your particular need, and can be mixed and matched as you like. One that is particularly effective is ArtNaturals’ Hyaluronic Acid Serum that is soothing and moisturizing, and ideal for dry skin. Simply apply a few drops and then use your regular moisturizer on top. You’ll be dewy and hydrated all day.

Buy it for $13 at


Paula’s Choice Resist Smoothing Primer Serum 

One of my favorite new items of the year is this knockout hybrid—a serum that’s actually a smoothing primer and a sunscreen. It has a truly unique texture and glides on your skin to leave it soft as silk. Ideal as a base for your foundation or use it alone; because it’s a serum, unlike other primers, it’s loaded with moisturizers. It’s really great.

Buy it for $30 at



Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Prime Perfecting Serum 

Another serum winner is this one from Osmotics. Based on their unique Copper 5 peptide technology, it’s a moisturizing primer and skin-smoother that minimizes fine lines and pores, and has a lifting effect. It’s wonderful under makeup as it will help set it and keep it looking fresh all day.

Buy it for $75 at


Remember, if your skin needs a lot of hydration, adding a treatment serum to your skincare routine will give you quicker results. You can use one kind of serum (with moisturizing or pore-minimizing effects) in the morning and another one at night (with wrinkle-busting retinol, which makes your skin highly sun-sensitive, so it’s best to use when you aren’t going outside), and keep changing them up as your skin improves.