Well, it’s been just about two months since the start of the year. How have you done with your New Year Resolution to be a better you?

Me? I went shopping. I hate shopping. I hate it with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. So you know that I have to be truly committed this time around to make this weight loss journey my last.

First, was a trip to the grocery store.

In fairness, I would have had to go to the grocery store anyway, but there is something to be said about going with a list, measurements already in my head, and a song in my heart. Ok, fine – the song was muzak playing through the grocery store speakers, but if you go at the right time of day… it’s not that bad. Also, did you know it was possible to shop at the grocery store, get everything you need, and never go through the aisles? Neither did I! Meats, fruits, veggies, dairy, and bread… all along the outskirts of the store.

Second, a trip to a home goods store.

I didn’t walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store. I stuck to my list, and I needed steps. So, I headed to another store. In it, I found a non-stick skillet, a mandoline, new measuring cups, and plastic containers. Yes, I already own what started off as a non-stick skillet, but I also have two teenage boys who clean everything with steel scrubbers. The mandoline is a fancy hand slicer that… well… I just wanted. Finally, the plastic containers were a huge help to separate all the food I sliced in with my fancy slicer and cooked in my cool new skillet.

Third, a trip to the clothing store.

No, I didn’t lose enough weight to require a new wardrobe. But, I did need to eradicate any and all excuses. So, one morning, after learning that instead of socks, my dryer eats gym clothes, I made a quick stop to the store to grab a new set. I knew that if I went after work, not only would I drag my feet until I could justify skipping the gym altogether, but I knew that (more likely) I would forget. Then, it would be another two days before I could find where my gym clothes went, another day to wash and dry them… oh, look. A week with no gym. No thank you.

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When I was potty training my boys, I did so by throwing cereal into the toilet and giving them something to focus on – to aim for.

If a grocery list, new skillet, hands-free food slicer, and an early morning trip to the store to grab a new set of gym clothes helps keep me focused in order to reach the ultimate goal… I can stand to shop. Just this once.

Especially since in the first two weeks – until this post – those things helped keep me on track to the tune of 11 pounds lost.

I shopped. What did you do to help stay on track? Did your trick help you stay focused on your goal?

Goal Tracker:

Take a picture without immediately wanting to delete it. / Not yet.

Have a dance party for my birthday in June, and dance the entire night. / Not yet.

Let my driver license, and my scale have matching numbers… for a minute. / Not yet.

Find the dimple in my cheek that I see in my childhood pictures. / Not yet.

Have at 3 doctor’s appointments where he doesn’t say, “we need to work on your weight”. / Not yet.

Be forced to clothes shop for clothes in smaller sizes. / Not yet.

Stop taking (with doctor’s permission) at least 2 of the 3 meds I’m on. / Not yet.

To promote my books without self-doubt over my picture, and not my writing. / Not yet.

Inspire someone else to say, “if she did it, so can I”. / Not yet.