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Single Mom Slice Of Change: Weight Loss And Stumbling Blocks

Single Mom Slice Of Change:
Weight Loss And Stumbling Blocks 


I love food. A lot. Too much. I have a problem.

I also love old movies, board game night, and happy hour get-togethers.

So, let me explain how together, those things are affecting my life.

There is a local theater in town that has a retro movie night. Oldies, goodies, 7 p.m., and only $5!! Sounds amazing!

Unless the smell of movie theater popcorn and toxic fake butter is one of the best smells e-v-e-r. Or, the sweet, sweet taste of red licorice makes your mouth water. Admit it, you’re an adult that still bites the ends off the licorice and sticks it in your soda, right? No? I mean, nah, me neither.

Anyway, I’ve skipped a few movies just so that I can make sure my resolve is strong enough to avoid temptation.

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Board game night is a little harder to avoid. It’s family, it’s board games, it’s pizza, and soda, and chips, and ice cream.

Well, the kids are getting older, which means the game nights start a little later. Add to that the fact that I’m older, so I don’t stay up as late as they do. So, that’s helped. Eating like I’m supposed to beforehand helps… being obsessed with winning helps, too.

Happy hours – well – those have never really been my thing. I like my co-workers, but I don’t like people in general, and hate crowds as a rule. But… I’d like to know that if I chose to, I could go. I’m not a fan of drinking and driving, so I tend not to drink when I go to a restaurant, so that’s not really the concern.

But appetizers. Mmm… spinach dip, mozzarella sticks, basil pesto crostini.

So, by my count, the only way I can survive in the outside world is to never leave my house in order to avoid restaurants, dinner tables, lunch meetings, movie theaters, family functions.

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Let’s be honest, it’s not realistic for me to never leave my house. I mean, I would be okay with it, but it’s just not realistic. So, how do I survive?

I don’t know yet. I’m human. This is not something I’ve been doing my entire life, so it’s not so easy to just give an answer, throw down the mic, and flip the bird at my habits. It is something I struggle with on a daily basis. There are decisions that have to be made, cravings to be crushed, and rules to be followed. I break out in sweats at the thought of nacho cheese, and I dream of cheesecake.

It sounds stupid, I get it, I hear it – and I live it. Every day. Every meal.

So yes, for now, I’m breaking from retro movie night, and being a little more competitive at family game night, and turning down invites to happy hours. In exchange for a few more years on my life – happy, healthy, laughing, better years, I can learn to live differently.

It’s not easy, and it’s not sudden – but it is happening. New habits are forming. New rituals are emerging. Slowly, and not without a few hiccups, but emerging all the same.

I confessed mine – don’t leave me hanging. What, where, or who is your biggest stumbling blocks? How are you dealing with them? How long before you think you’ll be able to face them?


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