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#OliviasJourney And My Pet’s Brace: UPDATE (VIDEO)

(Disclosure: I received a brace for Olivia in exchange for my authentic postings about

A few weeks ago, I told you my 12-year-old yellow lab, Olivia, had been diagnosed with a torn CCL (same as ACL in humans). My vet suggested surgery, but it’s costly and she’s an elderly girl so surgery carried with it, additional risk. 

I hated watching her limp around so I went online to find out whether I could maybe wrap her leg.. and in searching for an alternative to surgery I found My Pet’s Brace. 

They make custom braces for all sorts of pet injuries. I asked them for their help with Olivia and if I could share their story. 

So.. here it is. 

Thank you all for coming along #OliviasJourney and a HUGE thank you to My Pet’s Brace! Please watch the piece and then go like their FB page. They are super special people..

Press play and you’ll see what I mean!