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Good Enough Mother And Merck: There’s An App For That!

Good Enough Mother And Merck:
There’s An App For That!

(Disclosure: I was compensated for my fair review of the Merck App. All opinions are my own) 


In the quest for perfection, a few realizations have hit me along the way. One, I don’t have the time or the desire to run to the pediatrician’s office for every cough, sniffle, or bug bite. And two, while I am cutting off unfettered access to myself at all times, I still want to have access to important things 24/7—among them, access to highly accurate medical information should one of my kiddos have something going on that has me worried. This also goes for my own health issues.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single resource for any and all health concerns? A place aside from Web M.D. where you could enter your symptoms into a handy-dandy little app and get real-life, quality information right at your fingertips? Not that there’s anything wrong with Web M.D., but every time I put in my symptoms, I leave the site more frazzled and panicked than ever before and sure I have some deadly disease. Anyhow, there actually IS an app available now where you can do all kinds of cool stuff relating to your health. And the absolute best part of it is that it is FREE!

The Merck Manual Consumer App does all of the above and then some. The simple, user-friendly app is loaded full of videos, photos, quizzes, symptom checkers, lists, and articles all in one place. The content comes right from professionals who have been in the healthcare business for years, and who have compiled their information in one place. It is easy to understand and easy to locate information quickly and easily. You can even share information via text or email with family members or friends at the touch of a button. It’s super quick, super easy, and honestly quite a lifesaver at times.

The winter months are full of different germs and bugs going around. Somebody always seems to be sick. And sometimes it’s hard to know whether it is just a bug going around or if it is something more serious that requires immediate medical attention. This little app is the perfect way to get medical advice whenever or wherever you need it. Apple users can download it for free at the iTunes store here. Android users don’t have to miss out on all the fun, either. You can download the free app at the Google Play store by clicking here.

I don’t know how we survived before the information age when it comes to getting answers to medical questions. If you were sick, you went to the doctor. If you were dying, you went to the emergency room. Now there is a plethora of information available to us whenever we need it. The downside is that it is hard to know what information is reliable and what information should be ignored. The Merck Manual Consumer App is 100% reliable information compiled by experts and can give you immediate answers to your medical questions.

So go ahead and check it out.. let me know what you think!

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