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GEMs of Beauty: New Year, Clean New YOU!

GEMs of Beauty:
New Year, Clean New YOU! 


For those of us who live in snowy climes, a heavy snowfall can make the roads treacherous and numb fingers to the bone, but it can also be achingly lovely as it blankets the earth in pure, pristine white. But, here in NYC, that usually doesn’t last for long–it usually only takes a few hours before the gorgeous white expanse has turned all grey and slushy. Which is how my face can feel if I don’t clean it properly, especially in winter months when you’re trapped indoors in dry, unforgiving heat. Fortunately, you can start the year out right with some of these wonderful new cleansers that will leave your skin soft and hydrated. 


My favorite fab new device is the Foreo Mini 2 that comes in 5 delicious colors. This little gem fits right in your hand, and it’s made from silicone so you don’t have to worry about bacteria build-up, and it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Just apply cleanser to your damp face, and run the little monster over your skin for a minute, then rinse. It’s even waterproof so you can use it in the shower. You might want to hide it because it’s so much fun your kids are going to be begging to wash their grimy faces!

Buy it for $139 here.



Micellar cleansing waters are amazing, because they look just like plain old water, but act like a magnet to lift off the gunk on your face without any harsh rubbing. Multi-tasking micelar cleansers are even better, because they’re gentle enough to use for eye makeup removal, yet effective enough to leave your skin perfectly fresh. This brand-new one from Garnier also has a great price, too.

Buy it for $8.99 at



With its base of natural charcoal, this cleansing gel is the perfect choice to remove dirt, pollution, and makeup on days when you’re feeling particularly clogged. It’s especially good for troubled skin as it’s extra-gentle, non-drying, and won’t strip away your skin’s much-needed natural oils. And it’s a very chic black, too.

Buy it for $20 at  



Being on the go is no excuse for skipping your regular cleansing, which is why wipes are so practical, especially these effective unisex ones by Anthony that come in a handy little pouch. These uniquely textured wipes with glycolic/AHA resurface and smooth skin in one step; they provide gentle exfoliation and pore-minimizing while leaving skin cool and hydrated.

Buy them for $18 at



Many people who have acne and oily skin feel that they need to get their skin squeaky-clean in order to eradicate the zits. Well, this is not only terrible for your skin because it strips away all your natural oils, but it can actually worsen acne as your skin overcompensates by pumping out more oil. You really need a gentle cleanser, which is why this Clarifying Face Wash from ArtNaturals is so great. It’s loaded with cucumber and aloe to leave your skin clean and soft. Follow it with their Acne Serum for a double-blast of healing.

Buy it for $15 at



Are you super-sensitive to just about every product you try, breaking out in rashes or itchy patches or redness? If so, try this amazing kit from VMV Hypoallergenics. It contains small sizes of cleansers, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, moisturizer, deodorant, sunscreen, balm, and even laundry soap. It’s ideal when your skin is stressed or you want to identify any potential allergens, as none of these products contain any of the 76 most common triggers. It’s a great way to start out with the skin detox you need this year.

Buy it for $40 at



I know I have already written this incredible toothbrush up, but now, many months later, I am thrilled to report that my teenager has such gorgeous white teeth thanks to Go Smile that his dental hygienist pulled me aside to tell me what an incredible job he’s doing. That’s because  the whitening gel really works, plus it takes 2 minutes to finish each cycle, and who usually brushes for that long? There’s new and improved toothpaste with each kit, too.

Buy the kit for $129 here .




If you color your hair, you know how damaged and brittle it can become—and constant shampooing can leave it dry and blah. Time to rethink how you wash your hair! “Shampoos were originally developed simply to cleanse the hair and scalp and only contained ingredients to remove dirt and oil. Over the years, formulas started to become packed with ingredients that had nothing to do with cleansing,” explains Gail Federici, CEO of Federici Brands, LLC, creators of Color Wow. “These ingredients do not easily rinse off.  They adhere to the hair and can stick to the scalp; it’s counter-productive as they leave a film on the hair, dulling it and weighing it down.” Which is why I love this new Color Security Shampoo, because it’s as basic as it gets, with only the cleansing agents you really need, yet my very bleached-out platimum hair has never felt better or looked shinier.

Buy it for $22 at here 

Remember – cleansing is all about gentle. You don’t need scrubs. You don’t need to wash and wash and wash. Use lukewarm water and the softest cotton pads and/or organic cotton washcloths you can find. Pat your skin dry afterward, and always follow up with some kind of moisturizing routine. Your skin will thank you–and you’ll see the results right away! 

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