Tales From A Twin Mom:
Thoughts Every Parent Has While
Holiday Shopping With The Kids

Oh the holidays are among us! What joy! What cheer! As a mother of four, two of them whom went through the terrible twos at the same time, I can certainly relate to having to juggle multiple crazy children in an over packed mall. What were my thoughts at the time? I will let you know- as long as you promise not to judge…



The answer is- No, smile away. Just make sure that your kiddos are completely jolly before doing so because the moment I had this thought… BAM! Twins were on the ground wrestling over a toy I had no intention of purchasing. 


I think we have all been there. You’re half way through the shopping trip and you actually pause and contemplate just leaving the cart in the aisle and walking away. Today was a bad day for this and you knew it before walking out of the house! Now, what would be better than knowing there was a treat for you at check out?!  (I really hope store owners are reading this…)

I know damn well I asked them to go potty at home. How could they need to go again and why don’t they go at the same time? How many times am I expected to do this? Someone tell me why I potty trained these children! I should get an award for visiting every bathroom in every establishment! (Store owners: please see above thought)

It’s bad enough you’re running on borrowed time but now the lady in front of you has decided to walk slower than molasses! Lady, move over or I will run you down! Ho! Ho! Ho! 

“Don’t touch that. Put that down…No, I didn’t come here to buy you a toy- and if I buy you one, I have to get everyone one. If I said no to your brother it’s a no for you too!” BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE… 


There is no denying that I love my children and cherish every moment with them but I now do most of my shopping online so I don’t have to deal with the holiday madness. I seriously believe that there should be a special aisle for moms with multiple children. No candy. No toys. Just wine.

 I wish you all a happy and stress free holiday!

~From one crazy mom to another!