Our Story Begins:
A Fond Farewell To 2016


I bid a fond farewell to 2016.

No, seriously. I will be a bit melancholy to see 2016 go by the wayside.

I know that there have been a lot of you who look at this past year as just the “worst year ever” or, as John Oliver put it on his show “Last Week Tonight” F**K 2016!!

I’m not saying that, for whatever your reasons, political, mental, medical, metaphysical, whatever reason, you wouldn’t have reason to just despise 2016.

But I shall always have a fondness for this last year.

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This will have been the last year for both my oldest child as a college student as well as my middle child’s last year in high school. My twin boys’ last year as middle-school students, too.
I saw my children all come into their own this year. That makes me both happy and strangely worried. I worry because they’re growing up and I have spent all this time being their father, protector, chef and laundry man. I’ve taught them to cook and to clean and to make music and art. Yet now that they’re cooking and making music and cleaning I see that the little kids I adored are becoming adults . . . and I’m going to watch them leave the house.

I’m not trying to stop their progress, I’m so very proud of every little thing they accomplish. Yet it’s hard to see those accomplishments without seeing the front door opening a little more each day. They’re all closer to leaving home than they are to entering the home like they did when they were little.

But 2016 had such joy with these kids. We went to Yosemite and played songs together and did a million things.

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Then there’s my own life. I met an amazing woman (okay that was last year, but it was late!) and we’re still together. I can see how my life will be different with the kids gone but I can also see that if I’m seeing a life with another person again . . . those changes won’t take the toll they once did.

I made music! I went in a recording studio and started recording a solo record. Now, sure, It will be next year before it’s complete, but the process is started!

Leaving the nest will be hard for my kids but just as hard on their Dad, who carried double the parental load and will feel twice as empty when they’re gone.

I feel bad for the people whose 2016 went so poorly. I am not trying to fly in the face of their difficulties. Yet . . . for me . . . 2016 has a lot to celebrate. Especially because 2017 will just be so different.

What about you? Are you looking forward to in 2017?