Monday Motivation:
Change… The Only Constant In Life.. 

Hey everyone hello! Happy Monday! 

Remember me?

I know it’s been a minute since I wrote for my own blog; luckily I have a great group of people who contribute to Good Enough Mother so we’re not without fresh content. 

Where have I been? Well suffice it to say, a lot has been going on, some of it personal, some involving kids, some involving a failing motherboard on my laptop (yeah.. no fun). 

Anyway, as approach the end of another year, I am determined to make it a strong finish.

So with just under a month until we usher in a new year, here we go!

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As I mentioned a lot has been going on with me and the other day I realized something; the thing I wanted once is no longer the thing I want now. Let me explain.

Ten years ago this month, (yes 10!) I was fired from my high-profile job at CBS as one of the anchors on what was then called The Early Show

That set in motion a whole bunch of things; you are reading one of them now. 

Yep, my book, Good Enough Mother: The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting, was in the pipeline and the website was taking shape (I did those things backwards.. who knew?)

As many of you know, I spent the next decade writing, building, carving out a social media presence and doing a couple of TV gigs here and there. But my first love was always TV. 

Until very recently. 

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Something happened.. a shift in me and it was a big one. 

I no longer wanted to go back to TV. Yeah it’s the thing I know, the thing I enjoy and most of all the thing that I knew I could make money doing but that fire I once had in my belly? That’s gone. No longer interested. 

Part of that is because I have been dismayed at the state of TV news. But also  because I have been working at this online thing long enough to know that this is the way to reach an audience. 

My most recent venture (and really it isn’t recent; I’ve been at it more than two years) is a women’s fitness company in which I am a part owner. 

Ladimax Lifestyle, a program under the banner, is a unique way to help women, particularly those in middle age, lose weight and build muscle. 

Recently we made some moves that are going to allow us to grow the business in a way we had only dreamed and the revenue calculations were fairly healthy too. 

But there was a larger point. The thing that I thought I wanted was no longer in line with what I want now. Success is defined differently for me.  I want to be mobile. I want to be able to run my business from anywhere in the world. If I have to be in a studio each day, I can’t do that, but I CAN operate our online fitness company  from a coffee shop or beach locale anywhere I choose. 

Freedom. That’s what success is to me. 

And that is where the change comes in.

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This is the first year I haven’t wanted to be back in front of a camera. It is clear. It is solid. It is strong. 

Because while that was my past, it is not my future. 

And I am more than fine about that. 

What about you? Have  you had a monumental shift like that in your life or what you wanted out of a career? What brought it on?