Good Enough Mother:
A Message To My Daughter #WriteGift

(Disclosure: I was compensated by Cross to tell their unique story through my authentic voice. All opinions are my own)

I’m not one of those super-sentimental mothers so it was surprising (literally a big ol’ surprise) when my first kid was a girl. I was certain I was having a boy because.. well I thought they would be easier. I imagined a rough and tumble life with rough and tumble boys. 

And then. 


A girl. A beautiful, delicate, UNEXPECTED girl!

Casey came into the world quiet, unassuming, a people pleaser, even as a little one. 


 Casey in Kindergarten

Throughout her life, I have used things in pop culture and life in general to send messages to her. 

When she was in grade school it was Christina Aquilera’s Beautiful.

So when CROSS Pens asked me to take part in their #WriteGift campaign, I thought of Casey to dedicate my,  Long Short Story to. 

Cross Pens, established in 1846, have long been given as gifts of achievement. I remember getting one when I graduated from high school. 

So I decided to gift one to my baby girl, the one who changed my life just by being her.


My Long, Short Story written with my 
beautiful CROSS pen

Casey loves to read. She also loves to write so I could not think of a better way for her to tell her story than with an engraved CROSS pen. 
Receiving a CROSS fine writing instrument is a symbol of achievement, accomplishments, and human potential, all while being a luxury fine writing instrument. CROSS seeks to provide those possessing extraordinary vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the tools needed to make their mark. 

I want Casey to be excited and know that her story is just beginning. And to always remember, no matter where she goes or who she is with, she is always Beautifully WORTHY!



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