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Monday Motivation: It’s Not The Tools, It’s The TALENT!

Monday Motivation:
It’s Not The Tools,
It’s The TALENT!


Hey everyone Happy Monday!

Just popping in to say hey on the Monday before the 2016 election and talk about an observation I made recently. 

Lately, as some of you who follow me on social media know, I have been working hard on my physical self and have had quite a bit of success. 

It’s been interesting to see what people say, some of them asking me where I am working out.

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It got me thinking about something and it is this:

It’s not the tools, it’s the talent!

I do the majority of my training at Ladimax Sports and Fitness. It’s a small studio where I also office out of. 

There are not a lot of bells and whistles; pretty basic stuff. Dumbbells, Barbells, cardio equipment and so on. 

But using that space I was able to lose 15 pounds of body fat and put on 9 pounds of muscle. 


I train at a couple of other gyms too..  some of them are newer and a bit different.

Whenever I post a photo, it never fails, someone asks me where I am and says how great it must be to train there. 

Meh. To me, the workout is the workout.. the surroundings are secondary.

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But it brings up a big point. 

It’s not the where; it’s the what. 

It’s not the tools; it’s the talent!

These are the people looking for the answer in a situation instead of finding the answer within themselves. 

They are looking for the right circumstance instead bending it to work for them.


Those people are situationally successful; you know what the problem is with that, right?

Once the situation chances, so does their (chance for) success.

Here’s the thing; nothing in this life is going to be as you planned. You’re not always going to have access to the best stuff. You’re not always going to be able to surround yourself with only those you want in your orbit. Sometimes you’re going to work out in a gym that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. Sometimes you’re going to be around assholes. It is what it is.

The question for you is how much of your success are you willing to abdicate to the circumstance?

Isn’t that too great a chance?

Yes. Yes it is. 

And on that note: make it a terrific and productive Monday everyone! 



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