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GEMs Of Beauty: Luscious Lips For Fall!

GEMs Of Beauty:
Luscious Lips For Fall! 

Who invented the first lipstick? No one will ever know, but the women have been applying color to their lips since the ladies of ancient Mesopotamian ground up precious jewels and mixed the colors with oils for a lasting stain. The cosmetic artists of ancient Egypt were even better at it, once they discovered that a bright red carmine pigment could be created by crushing some gross little cochineal insects and mixing the color with seaweed, oils, and waxes. Ewwww. Aren’t you glad that modern manufacturing is a lot more hygienic? And with a lot more options, too–practically every color you can think of. Try any of these and you can imagine that Nefertiti would have been impressed.




Here’s a genius new application for your lips—CAILYN’s Cocoon Lip Stain, which is a peel-off mask in 4 different shades for your lips. Trust me, it lasts up to 10 hours. Just apply a thick (yes, really thick!) and even layer with a lip brush, let it dry for 10 minutes, then peel it off (my favorite part!). Your lips will be deeply stained, and the color is waterproof and kiss-proof. Perfect for days when you can’t do any touch-ups or plan to have a long, romantic date with your partner.

Buy it for $22 at




Sometimes you’re in the mood for super-shiny lips, but my problem with a lot of lip glosses is that they’re really sticky and apply unevenly. You won’t have to worry about that anymore when you choose one of the 15 shades of this wonderful new gloss. It’s also loaded with vitamins C and E to make it extra-nourishing.

Buy it for $46 at




One my problems as a beauty junkie is deciding what lipstick shade to choose, so I was thrilled to see Honest Beauty’s adorable little bucket with 3 different Truly Kissable Lip Crayons inside. You get Champagne Kiss (a classic nude), Peony Kiss (a sweet pink), and Mulberry Kiss (a soft wine that is so on trend). Ideal for you or for early holiday gifting.

Buy it for $25 at





I know I’ve mentioned this before, but one thing that keeps me away from matte lipsticks is that they tend to be drying. It’s a shame, because sometimes you’re just not in the mood for shiny or dewy. Well, Ulta solved that problem with their Matte Lip Cream, with an unusually soft texture that helps it glide on like a dream. In 16 shades.

Buy it for $9 at







I was eating lunch in a downtown NYC restaurant years ago, when Kate Moss walked in, taking a meal break while on a shoot. She literally brought the room of trendy hipsters to a dead silence—she was that gorgeous. Ever-glam, Kate is still the It Girl when it comes to lips, and her collection for Rimmel has been a hit since she launched it in 2011. But you’re also going to be tempted by Rimmel’s newest lipstick, The Only 1, which comes in 12 yummy shades. The bullet stick makes application a snap, and it’s deliciously long-lasting. My favorite is Cheeky Coral, with just enough pink in it to bring back memories of beach-time frolics.

Buy it for $7.49 at





Sometimes you want to go a little crazy with your lip color, but you don’t feel like breaking the bank to play around. Which is why I love Jordana’s lipsticks and glosses—they’re incredibly affordable, and a lot longer-lasting and pigmented than some of the other drugstore brands. So if you want to wow the world with a zing of fuschia or purple (or 4 other super-shiny colors), go for it!

Buy it for $4.99 at



When the leaves are falling, it’s time to get serious about hydration. And protection. Did you know that your adorable little sphere of Eos Lip Balm is pretty handy at preventing blisters? Just rub a little on the back of your heels or sides of your feet before you slip on your shoes. and prevent blisters from forming. You can also use it to clean your sunglasses (rub a bit on then wipe with a soft cloth), soften rough cuticles, or erase mascara smudges, too.

Buy it for $2.99 at




Speaking of lip balm, if you’re looking for an unexpected zing in your life, this lip balm definitely has the right name. Put on the balm and in a minute of two your lips are going to come alive with a very vibrant kind of tingle. (So go ahead and kiss someone you love and transfer the zing!) The buzz lasts for quite a while, unless you rub the balm in, and in the meantime, your lips are going to be very well-hydrated. The perfect balm for kids or teens who want a kick—it’s like Pop Rocks for your lips!

Buy it for $4.95 at


Remember—you can admire beauty trends but be smart about what suits you. For example, the trend this fall is for deep berry and wine colors, lots of them almost goth-like, which look great on runway models but aren’t always so flattering for those of us who are past a certain age (like, you know, 21). Our complexions are often better-suited to softer shades, but don’t let that stop you from being adventurous!

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