How many times have you been told you need a date night?  How many time have you actually followed that advice?

Seriously, check your calendar.


Date night.  For me those two words bring to mind images of swirling and twirling, talking and laughing.  What about you?  Do you remember what it was like when you and your spouse were dating?  What did you enjoy doing together or talking about?  Do you still enjoy the same things?

We all understand that us time is important to connect and bond.  Not just important, vital.  Maybe you can testify to how much stronger your marriage was when you were actually scheduling regular date nights.  But then life took over and your quality couple time fell victim to late work hours, demands of ex-spouses, kids activities, Netflix.  Please tell me we’re not the only ones who’ve fallen into this trap!  Did checking your calendar open your eyes?

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I ask this question because my husband and I didn’t realize until recently just how much we’d let life squeeze out our us time.  Last weekend we were invited to have dinner with friends.  We eagerly agreed and began the whirlwind of contacting our teenagers to figure out who could watch our younger kids so that we could take part in this much-needed outing.  It was all so last-minute, yet the planets aligned and we were able to participate.  What fun!  Driving home afterwards we began to ponder how long it had been since we’d gone to dinner with friends.  Hmmm, we reflected on the year, then the previous year… then we realized the only dinner outings in which we’d partaken over the past several years were work-related.  Yikes!


So not only had we been robbing ourselves of date nights, we had also neglected time with other couples.  No wonder our marriage feels at times like a lonely road.  We had our tunnel vision set on survival.  It’s time to adjust focus and find the fun!

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Does your marriage ever feel like it’s all work and no play.  Well go play!  Permission has been granted.  Here’s an example of a few things that we’re putting back on our “To-Do Together” list.


Now it’s your turn and only one rule applies… have fun!   Comment below and let me know what you put on your list.