Baby Makes Three:
Finding a Suitable Home for
Your Growing Family


Your home is the place that you and your family will create long-lasting memories together. From that first day when your baby comes home from the hospital to meeting your daughter’s first boyfriend, it’s a place you’ll treasure forever. That’s why finding a family home that can adapt to a growing family is becoming increasingly important.

So, how do you find a home that will provide you with the flexibility you and your children need as your family grows, changes and looks to the future? Here are just some of the things you should be considering:

A House That Will Allow You to Grow

When you start searching for your forever home (visit Bridgfords online, for example) try to find somewhere that will be big enough for the number of children you’re planning on having. Even though life may have some surprises along the way, if you can buy a house that has a bedroom for every child, it’ll make sure you don’t have to upsize again in the future.

Also, consider whether you might have an elderly relative that may need to come and stay with you in the future. Buying a bigger property than you need at this moment in time will help to provide you with the much-needed space that you’ll require in the future.

A House That’s Safe for Children and Babies

If you haven’t had your first child yet, it’s important that you try to make considerations for the safety of the home before you buy it. Toddlers and children are very adept at finding trouble wherever they go, so you need to limit the number of dangers that they may find around the home.

For example, try to find a house that’s on a quiet street so you don’t have the worry of your child running out onto a busy street. Be aware that if you’re buying a property with any outside water, e.g. a pond or a pool, you’ll need to make sure this is fenced off and out of bounds when there aren’t any adults there to supervise.

A House That Has Plenty of Open Space

Open space living is becoming increasingly popular and not just because it creates a modern, minimalistic home. Having an open floorplan, i.e. a kitchen that opens out onto a dining room or lounge area, makes it much easier for you to keep an eye on your children whilst you’re doing your chores. It’s also great if you can find a kitchen / lounge that you can view the garden from so you can watch your children when they’re playing outside.

That said, you should also consider having private rooms, e.g. a large playroom where older children can go and make mess and noise without disturbing adult quite time. And, as your child reaches their teenage years, they’re going to want some privacy, so make sure they have this space to hang out and study, whilst still retaining that open space for family time.

A House in an Area with a Good School

The education of your children is imperative so try to make sure you’re in the catchment area of a good school. Be sure to consider the initial school your child will go to as well as the larger comprehensive / sixth forms that they will go to when they’re older. Nothing would be worse than buying your dream home to find that you can’t get your child into the right school because you’re not in the right area. A lot of property websites do have a lot of in-depth information on schools and their ratings, so be sure to check these out before making any decisions.

A House for All of Your Memories

Even though considering the practical side of your new home is imperative, so too are the emotional benefits. When viewing properties try to visualise your family in 10 years’ time, imagining things like family barbecues, parties and watching your child leave home for university. This home is going to be the central point for you and your family for many years to come. That’s why it’s important that you feel like this is going to be a warm, inviting home, and not just a practical house, for those years that follow.

Choosing a family home isn’t always easy but consider your family and their needs, evaluating what’s important for you before you buy. Weigh up the various considerations you’re going to have to make to find out which you feel are most important and this will help you to find your dream family home.

Andrew Alexander works as an estate agent and has built up a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to buying or selling your home. He shares his insider knowledge online through his articles.