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Good Enough Mother: Would You Meet With Carolina Girls After THIS?


Good Enough Mother:
Would You Meet With
Carolina Girls After THIS? 


Hello Dallas Fort Worth!

Welcome to Thanks to analytics, I can see many of you streaming in here following the piece that aired on Channel 8 (WFAA) as well as Bud Kennedy’s column in the Fort Worth Star Telegram and now, CNN.

If you are just coming in to the story, you need to go here to catch up. 

The upshot is my daughter was called a shoplifter when she walked into a store called Carolina Girls at Freshfields Village on Kiawah Island, South Carolina where we have owned a home for more than a decade.

Carolina Girls has mishandled this brewing public relations/social media crisis  from start to finish (please read the link above so I don’t have to go into detail about them deleting their Facebook page and the fraudulent Yelp reviews, one of which has since been removed and on and on).

The reason I am writing this now is because Carolina Girls, in interviews and statements, has repeatedly said they would like to meet with Casey and me, which we declined. I will explain why in a moment but first, their statement:


“Although we made a second attempt to speak with Ms. Syler personally, she refuses to speak with our owner or to assist her in determining who may have made an inappropriate comment regarding her daughter” -Carolina Girls Statement

That comes on the heels of these two, prior statements.. this one right after the incident…

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.42.59 PM


And the second one a few hours later.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.09.36 PM


To be honest, the first apology was pretty close to having some heart to it but got derailed when they made it about themselves, (we are sad to see these comments on our social media). The second one is the one that is most germane and troubling, particularly these statements:

  1. We have conducted an extensive investigation into what actually transpired at our store yesterday. After an in-depth inquiry conducted with every employee at the store, not one of them witnesses any such incident as has been alleged.

During their “in-depth investigation” they never bothered to reach out to Casey to ask what happened. But every employee in the store who was asked not only never heard anything, they also didn’t see her. That would include, I suppose, the three young clerks who told Casey and her friend about the sales they had running at the time.

      2. None of our employees saw Ms. Parham either, it would be difficult to verify….

Right. See above.

    3.  This is not the behavior we are accustomed to seeing, and we’re very sorry that anyone patronizing our store would offer such an inappropriate accusation as this, simply to be hurtful. 

Right. So now my daughter is a liar.

The absolute crazy part about this is that is registered to John Davis, the husband of owner Stephanie Davis. John Davis is a doctor affiliated with Roper St. Francis, a large medical group in the area. Roper St. Francis has a huge commitment to diversity, as noted here. That in and of itself, makes me pause a bit only because I’m curious how the man who is the registered owner of the Carolina Girls domain could allow something like this to go down in a shop attached to his name. I’m not just talking about the initial incident but the completely ham-handed and inept follow-up.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The real reason for this post is why.

Why did Casey and I refuse to meet with Carolina Girls after they asked?

Truth be told, when they asked to meet initially I told Casey, yes, we should go.

But how likely do you think it is that Carolina Girls, the same company who conducted a “full investigation” without even talking to us, would give us, a fair shake?  They have already said no one in their employment said it, so how could I, “assist her in determining who may have made an inappropriate comment regarding her daughter.”

The answer is I cannot. They have already closed the books on their thorough investigation and it never happened. Oh and Casey is a liar.

But the real reason we didn’t go?

When I looked at my kid she was raw, hurt and embarrassed. She said she never wanted to step foot in that store again.

What kind of mother would I be if I did not abide by her wishes?

So we said no.

Because at the end of the day, I couldn’t give two shits about what happens to Carolina Girls, Freshfields Village, John and Stephanie Davis or anyone else associated with this bullshit.

But this kid here? I would fight the whole, wide world for.




So I pose this question to you:

Would you go?

Let’s say you’re the mother of a kid you spent 19 years teaching right from wrong. The hardworking, college student who goes to shop at a place she considers her second home and is accused of something she is not even close to being. You have spend years coaxing her out of her shell and just as she’s starting to spread her wings, someone with a preconceived notion and a big ass mouth shuts her down.

Would you have subjected them to more embarrassment and humiliation?

I will not.

In the meantime, I will be on CNN HLN Monday talking about this very thing so if you get a chance, tune in.








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