IMG_5929Good Enough Mother Takes It Off Road!
#TheLexusAdventure (VIDEO)


I’m just back from one of the most fun adventures I have ever been invited to be a part of.. #TheLexusAdventure with, you guessed it,  Lexus at the lovely Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon.

You may recall I has a chance to be part of an event with Heels And Wheels in Malibu a while back, where were drove a variety of vehicles.

I am not an “automotive journalist” but I am a mother and a licensed driver and I know what I like. Lexus (as I have mentioned before) has a little piece of my heart because I am a former owner.

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So when I was invited to go to Bend, Oregon and do a little on-road, off-road, it was like settling in with an old friend.


The Fleet!

The day was broken up into two parts, on road and off.

My drive partner and I, Fadra Nally, were nearly drooling when we saw the fleet of vehicles we were going to get to choose from. Immediately we spotted the RX 350 FSport and chose that to tool around scenic Bend, Oregon.


Lexus RX350 FSport (Photo Credit: Heels And Wheels)


Check out the absolutely DELICIOUS interior.. called Roja Red!

I loved the feel of the cockpit on the RX350 F-Sport. It has luxury (obv.!!) but handles like a sports car, hugging the curves of the Oregon mountains.


Our first stop was the scenic Prineville reservoir. Safety features like that panoramic view monitor ensured we got the vehicle close enough to the water but not IN it!


Fly fisherman we saw along the way!

Fadra and I spent a lot of time driving, chatting and laughing, which is one of the things I love most about these events. Here we are relaxing on the porch of the lovely Crooked River Inn, which is an adorable Bed and Breakfast.



Looking good Lexus!

After a quick lunch break it was time to go OFF ROAD! (Side note: this is the second most fun thing I have done in a vehicle, both with Lexus. The first was the racing around the track at Chuckwalla Raceway in Southern California!)

We all climbed into the GX46o and took that baby over dirt, rocks and down some SUPER steep hills. This is what it looked like from outside the vehicle!


The GX460 going OFF ROAD and downhill!

And now here’s the view from the inside. Here I am behind the wheel navigating tough terrain. I listened intently to my professional driver but I have to say it is almost COUNTERINTUITIVE to take your foot off the brake as you’re going down a hill like that. The reason I could do that is because the GX460 was doing the braking for me! Check it out.



I did that! On purpose actually!

As you can see from the above picture, the Lexus GX460 can handle myriad road conditions. Slow and steady she goes….


The to Lexus for hosting #TheLexusAdventure and showing us firsthand, what the vehicles are capable of, whatever terrain you choose!

(Disclosure: Lexus provided travel and accommodations for my trip out west. All opinions are my own)