Good Enough Mother Responds To
“Exclusive” Carolina Girls Interview


UPDATE: I emailed the news director Bryan Luhn after WCBD aired the exclusive interview with Carolina Girls owner Stephanie Davis. 

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Bryan did respond to me late last night. He said he was going to wait until later but apparently changed his mind since I was “calling us out on social media”.

He basically said that he felt the station had, for 2 days, presented both sides of the story and that they did use a soundbite from Casey (a snippet of audio typically :15 seconds or so; Casey’s lasted :14 seconds)  leading up to the taped story with Carolina Girls owner Stephanie Davis which, with anchor and reporter intro, runs another 2:30 or so.  So a dated, :14 second soundbite presents our side while Ms. Davis gets 3 times that amount.

No one asked me for a statement, like they did Ms. Davis the day before. When Ms. Davis offered to meet with us, the reporter failed to mention that we had left already, a fact thatI had made clear to the news director the day before. 

Regarding my concern about the friendship between Ms.Davis and WCBD anchor Carolyn Murray:

“Aside from sending our reporter a private text about the situation that he shared with you, she has had zero input on this story or how we’re covering it.”

That message from the anchor to the reporter, was deflating.  Murray told the reporter that she was friends with Ms. Davis and, in expressing her skepticism about Casey’s experience said, it, “sounds fishy.”

This is, in part, why so many people distrust the media. Of course, as Luhn told me, journalists have friends and they needn’t disclose because she didn’t influence the story in any way. But I would be surprised if Murray’s friendship didn’t somehow play a role in their exclusive and sadly, incomplete report  with their hometown favorite. 





This is not what I wanted to put up on Good Enough Mother today but I can see you all streaming over here from the news report on WCBD today that I know will leave a response.

Why am I responding here?

Because WCBD never asked for my side of the story. You might be saying now, “You told your side yesterday”. And you would be right. I did. But Carolina Girls also was represented in the piece yesterday, by way of a statement.

Did I have a statement in the piece today?

No. No I did not.

Now, for those of you coming in on the middle of the movie, go here to catch up.

Here is the “exclusive” interview  done by the reporter and introduced by anchor Carolyn Murray who, ironically, is a close personal friend of the owner Stephanie Davis.

Yeah. That.


So what’s the problem Rene?

  1. MY SIDE:  As I stated above, this piece was hardly fair. The reporter who interviewed us yesterday, as well as the news director, knew we were leaving South Carolina last night. But in the piece, Stephanie Davis talks about how she and her staff have STILL extended an offer for us to come in and clear the air. Why wouldn’t the reporter add to the piece that were were gone already?
    A) Ms. Davis and her crew deleted comments about her “apology” from the Carolina Girls now defunct Facebook page. Why were people commenting? Because the apology was hardly an apology.
    B) Ms. Davis neglected to say in her WCBD piece that her “full investigation” only included her own staff; she didn’t bother to ask Casey her side before posting on their (now defunct) Facebook page. And she wonders why we didn’t take her up on her offer to meet. Do you really think we would get a fair shake from someone who thinks a “full investigation” includes just her employees?
    C) Ms. Davis neglected to mention anything about the fake Yelp and Facebook profiles set offering glowing reviews of Carolina Girls.
    D) No one disclosed Ms. Davis close relationship with the news anchor Carolyn Murray. I am not saying Ms. Murray cannot be impartial; I am saying that presents a potential conflict of interest and should have been disclosed. That’s just good journalism.

I hate that a place and a profession that has such a big place in my heart, is being sullied by this entire ordeal.