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Our Story Begins: The World ISN’T Crazy


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Our Story Begins
The World ISN’T Crazy

I wrote something last week about how the world seemed like it was going crazy . . . or maybe it was always crazy.  I wasn’t exactly sure which it is.

But then another week happened and it could easily have been worse.

Sure, when I wrote last week’s post two African-Americans had been shot by police, one had the aftermath of his shooting broadcast live by his girlfriend on Facebook Live.  Then Dallas had a massive shooting spree that killed police officers.

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Then in the last week . . . another police shooting.  Turkey had a failed coup.  A presidential hopeful’s wife allegedly plagiarized her convention speech.  Leslie Jones, who simply acted in a Ghostbusters movie was driven from Twitter by racist idiots.  Protesters set fire to an American flag in Cleveland and accidentally set fire to themselves, causing cops to say “you’re on fire, you idiot!” (Okay, that one I have to admit was a little funny)  Add to that the fact that people are wandering around trying to catch Pokemon (Pokemons? Is there a plural?) on their phones and you might very well believe the world has gone mad.

Yet when we see all this and wonder if the world is completely regressing in any race relations help or if the world is falling apart you have to look at things from far wider a perspective.

Let’s look at the stuff you didn’t see that has happened this week:

We got a view of what the surface and clouds of the planet Venus look like.  It took years, but the European Space Agency finally started to tabulate data, working with the US scientists and world astrophysicists they have an understanding that clouds in the atmosphere are helping shape its surface.  That’s amazing.
Also . . . we SENT A PROBE TO JUPITER!  This seems to have flown in and out of people’s minds.  We have a satellite floating around the largest planetary body in our solar system and at some point we’re getting high-resolution photos from it.  How cool is that?!  That comes from teamwork and working together.  It took off in 2011 . . . and took five years to get there and it worked!

They put a log book that proves ancient Egyptians did, indeed, build the Great Pyramid of Giza.  People.  People put those stones in place, erecting one of the greatest wonders of the ancient and modern world!

Did you know they’re working on an artificial pancreas that could help people with Type-1 diabetes?  It might be available as early as 2018!  That’s HUGE!  Kids who have to constantly measure their blood and sugar levels might have so much less hassle in their lives and so fewer scares of life-and-death problems . . . because scientists are working together.

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Music . . . is being made and listened to, even today.  Thus the picture up there.  Music, believe it or not, is a unifying thing. I have played guitar with African-Americans, Native-Americans, Hispanics, Middle-Easterners, Irish, English, Czech . . . you name the country we shared a stage together.  Some of my favorite pictures of my heroes – BB King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck – they all had integrated bands.  They took pictures with Clapton, Vaughan, Beck, and Allman, white guys.  The color of someone’s skin made no difference.  When venues wouldn’t let Dave Brubeck’s band enter the front door because his bass player was black . . . they quit the tour and played college auditoriums instead.  Music is language, feeling, style and substance that, for some reason, others with mere words cannot seem to break through.  I’m proud I can play a musical instrument and even more proud that my kids have seen a myriad of people come in and out of my home and bands.

The world isn’t losing it, the world is big.  It’s bigger than you even realize, and we’re doing amazing things.  From getting to the farthest reaches of space to reaching the greatest notes of a song we have amazing potential.  We just need to follow the examples of those who are already doing it.

Your turn.. despite all the tragic things in the news.. what’s good in your life RIGHT NOW? Leave your comments here or over on Rene’s Facebook page!

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